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Do vegetarian chefs exist?

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I mean ones that cook meat? Or vegans that cook meat or with dairy, etc?

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    1. Yes; although I now eat seafood, I was a full-on vegetarian when I worked in the kitchen at a BBQ restaurant and as a chef at another restaurant that had chicken and fish on the menu.

      1. I cook meat all the time for others and I have also worked in restaurants where i've prepared meat dishes. I'm also going to be taking a bunch of culinary courses in the fall - one of them is butchery!

        1. So how did you get through chef school without eating the meat? How did you know it was done right? I mean, how can you cook a steak "medium" and not know if the temperature is correct, of know if there's enough salt in a stew without tasting it?

          I'm curious, as I just assumed everyone, even vegetarians, had to try everything in school.


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            There's lots of cues to tell you if a steak is done properly, including internal temperature and firmness of the meat. As for tasting for seasoning in a stew, it's highly likely that someone else would be making that dish. I haven't seen many vegetarian chefs in non-veg restaurants, but I would imagine the proportion is reversed in vegetarian restaurants.

          2. not a veg chef, but I spent over four years as a non-meat-eater working at a steak house. I can't speak to the tasting, but it's easy to tell when a steak is cooked to medium (or any other temperature) by touching it. It doesn't take long to be able to feel the difference in temps; in fact, if I do cook steak for guests at home I always go by touch rather than thermometer.

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              Right, but what do you do about salting and flavors? Yeah, you can SEE them go in, but don't you have to taste to know if things are cooked down right.