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Aug 24, 2006 04:03 AM

Mammoth Lakes

We will be taking a trip to this area in mid-September. Any good bakeries for good baked goods and good coffee? Also like to go to small bistro- diner type places too. Any good places in this greater Mammoth area?

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  1. North of Mammoth you have one of the great road trip restaurants in Whoa Nellie Deli, on the junction of 396 and 120.

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      I meant 395, not 396, and 120, at the entrance to Yosemite.

    2. As you might guess if you do a search on Mammoth Lakes, there are no good restaurants there, especially what you're looking for. I second the recommendation for Whoa Nellie Deli, though.

      Aside from that, I recommend you stay in a condo and do your own cooking - you'll be much better fed.

      1. How could you not go to Schat's Bakery in Mammoth Lakes. Their famous for their sheepherders bread but I'd kill for their Jalapeno Cheese bread. Sliced, grilled and made into a steak sandwich? Ahhhhhhh. In fact I'll be there in 2 weeks myself; a stopover in Mammoth Lakes just for bread!

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          Besides the sheepherders' bread and the jalapeno cheese bread, what else does Schat's bakery in Mammoth do well?
          Looking forward to trying out their breads;)

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            I am a big fan of their coconut macaroons. Dense and chewy. With and without chocolate. My DH knows not to drive through there on business without stopping and picking me up a few....

        2. Avoid the Thai restaurant in Mammoth like the plague. Sooooo bad.

          1. Boy, there are some pretty disappointing posts here about what Mammoth Lakes has to offer foodies. There are SO MANY fantastic places in this town and one just needs to talk to the locals or come on to this site and read the non-ignorant posts! Here are some great places to try; yes, they cost some $ but they are well worth it for a special occasion: Nevados, Whiskey Creek (yes, Whiskey Creek!), The Lakefront at Tamarack Lodge is outstanding and Barbara Streisand reportedly goes there twice a year to dine, The Mogul (a local favorite and a great "nice" place to take your little ones), Skadi is fantastic, Shogun (their sushi rocks and they have amazing views of the mountains from their 2nd floor location. One post mentioned that items cost a little more than places you are used to, but that's the same case for almost every spot in Mammoth!), and a 10 minute drive from Mammoth Lakes proper: The Restaurant at Convict Lake. For lower-priced sandwiches & great breakfasts & service: Base Camp Cafe. Decent burger place: Burgers. Wonderful Mexican food: Gomez's and Roberto's. Mammoth Brewing Company (above Whiskey Creek) has an awesome happy hour, gorgeous views and good food: Places I have not yet visited but look promising include Lulu in the new Village, the Mountainside Grill (which has a very cool new menu designed by the only female Executive Chef in Mammoth Lakes), Parallax (located halfway up Mammoth Mountain, they have a really creative menu), and Petra's. Sadly, the sublime Cervino's (owned by the same folks who own Convict Lake) has closed, then was replaced by a restaurant that failed, and now the building is empty, but since it has such a lovely location up on the hill, I hope another worthy restaurant takes its place.

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              Which dishes would you recommend at Roberto's?

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                And The Good Life Cafe is a good breakfast spot.
                I agree on Whiskey Creek being worthwhile.
                The Clock Tower Cellar is a must for a beer after skiing, neat atmosphere and low prices.

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                  Will have to check out these places. Thanks for your suggestions;)

                  1. re: phoenikia

                    Ended up heading to Roberto's with a group of 9 last week and was told it would be a 20 minute wait. At 30 minutes, we were told there was 1 group ahead of us. At 45 minutes, the hostess looked stressed and apologized, and said the tables were taking longer than expected to clear. Some tables were clearing, at which point the hostess seated 15 people that were waiting in the cantina upstairs. (She hadn't mentioned until that point that the group ahead of us was 15). After we had waited an hour, we saw another table of 4 seated in front of us, including several people who had arrived after us, and realized all the other tables were still eating. At this point we left, and I never got a chance to try Roberto's.

                    That being said, I really enjoyed my meal at Lulu's and at Skadi. I thought the prices were fair, the food quality was good, and the dishes were interesting.

                    The service was a little lacking at Skadi, about a minute after settling $700 bill, the early 20something hostess( not our server) asked us to hurry up and leave because a group was waiting for our table.

                    Lulu's food was great, but it's too bad they were pushing the small plates concept for large groups, even with items like duck confit salad and a 6 ounce piece of salmon, which doesn't divide easily amongst 7 or 8 people.