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Aug 24, 2006 03:47 AM

offal and game meats in sf

august is grouse season and there's a restaurant in new york serving a special grouse dinner. does anyone know of any restaurants here in sf who serve it on their menus?

this really leads me to a second question, which is...
are there are any real standout restaurants in town that serve offal or unique cuts of animals? i've had some decent bone marrow at coco500 but i'm missing me some tripe.

i know that i could probably find some chicken feet or neck bones in chinatown but i'm thinking more in the european style.

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  1. double post. i stink. please refer to this inquiry here. thank you.

    1. Not quite SF but if you go up to Terra in St. Helena you'll find an amazing Tripe stew that's been on the menu every day for the 17 years or so that the place has been open. If you called and asked real nice Hiro and Greg might be willing to make it in SF at Ame. At Terra Hiro's been known to do headcheese and such, as well as lamb brains by request. Or you could try Oliveto in Oakland. Plenty of pig offal during their whole hog menu.

      1. Incanto has an annual offal dinner, but during the rest of the year, they feature offal entrees and dinners by arrangement.

        1. South Park Cafe often has sweetbreads on the menu; phone ahead. And A16 had a tripe dish as a first course when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

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            raises a related question: anyone have a clue how to get an all-natural (i.e. non-commodity) tripe at retail? I've Dave Evans of Marin Sun, and other folks, to no avail.

          2. I don't specifically know of anyone serving grouse (and it's unlikely, as the supply even in the UK is way down due to problems with falling grouse population as an outcome of increasing temperatures in the moorlands), but the Big Four is reputed to do a game dinner each fall. Nothing announced yet on their website, but that may be your best chance.