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Aug 24, 2006 03:21 AM

Best Fresh Sausage in NYC?

I am new to posting on Chow Hound though have been reading for a while. I am looking for others who are are interested in the best fresh sausage. After living in Manhattan for many years I moved last year to a brownstone in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. I now have access to a garden where a few of us are doing some serious BBQ (multiple grills,smoking etc.). On one of the more lazy (did not want to marinate or any other prep) events we did 5 different kinds of fresh sausage paired with different Wines and Beers. Ranging from mild to spicy

Veal Sausage (Don Francisco Meat Market 37th Ave. between 85th and 86th., Queens) - Delicate mild, well ground texture

Argentine Beef Sausage (Don Francisco Meat Market 37th Ave. between 85th and 86th., JH Queens) - fuller flavour with even texture

Polish Kielbasa (Fresh Direct)- juicy pork with full flavour

Blood Sausage (Don Francisco Meat Market 37th Ave. between 85th and 86th., Queens) - Creamy and very full flavoured

Mexican Longaniza (Bravos Meat Seneca Av and Menahan St,Bushwick Brooklyn) - Spicy with a very coarse super meaty mince stuffing of Pork and Beef. Done on a low flame so the casing is crisp but not bursting this is simply extraordinary.

For relatively limited effort this event was very satisfying. Will appreciate if there are suggestions around Sausage combinations and butchers in the NYC area. And if others have tried the butchers mentioned above.


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  1. I like the turkey sausage from the Union Square farmer's market. I don't know the name of the stall but he only sells turkey products.

    I loooove the lamb sausage from Fairway. It has a very middle-eastern flavor to it and I make it with coucous or eat it with yougurt dip and pita.

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      The turkey guys also come to the Grand Army plaza farmers market on Saturdays, will definitely try it now. Have not been to Fairway yet, this will definitely be an incentive. Thx.

    2. These are surprisingly good.


      I couldn't believe the flavor these sausages packed just cooking them on an indoor grill. Amazing! I had the ones w/ fennel. There are those with dill, and two others as well.
      You're looking at about $5.99 to $6.99/lb or so. Excellent price for premium fish and
      located conveniently in the Chelsea Market (9AV/15st).

      1. he best sausages around bar none are from Faiccos on Bleeker Street. They are also in Brooklyn. Try em.

        1. Thanks for the post I'm going to have to check out Bravo's for the Longaniza.

          1. Esposito's butcher shop on 9th ave and 37st...or maybe 38th