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Aug 24, 2006 03:17 AM

Superb Meal at Carl Schroeder's Black Horse Grille-San Diego

We have been big fans of Arterra ever since it opened. We found that the food from Executive Chef Carl Schroeder (within the framework of Brad Ogden) was wonderful. As noted earlier he has now gone off and opened his own place. It's the Black Horse Grille located at 3702 Via de la Valle in Del Mar (just east of I-5, at the intersection of Via de la Valle and El Camino Real.) 858 523-0007. We had a superb meal there last week. I started with a crab cake of crispy Dungeness Crab on a marinated tomato with basil mayonaise and a sweet corn emulsion. One of our group had a soup of heirloom tomatoes and Huitlacoche (it 's a special fungus that grows on corn) that was wonderful. I had the shortribs (a dish of Shroeder's I loved at Arterra.) These were even better! (and cost less at $26 than Arterra) My wife opted for the buttermilk fried chicken with Chino's corn lightly creamed. She gave it an A (she's a teacher.) They eventually plan to change the name and remodel. But go now (reservations a must in racing season) I have no $$$ interest at all. (I wish I did) I'm just a fan.

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  1. Isn't huitlacoche sometimes called the Mexican truffle ?

    1. Well, huitlacoche *is* a fungus, and it *is* black, but calling it a Mexican truffle does no honor to truffles nor to Mexico. I like the stuff, but one needs to know how to use it to get the most out of it. I suspect that Schroeder knows what he's doing.
      . . . jim strain in san diego.

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        It looks like that huitlacoche is also called the Mexican truffle.

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          Honkman, I didn't mean to intimate that no one called it that. I just think it's way misleading and kind of insulting to Mexican cuisine. The stuff is good on its own; it doesn't need to be compared to something that is really nothing like it. I see they also call it Aztec caviar. Not exactly like Beluga. Cheers.
          . . . jim strain

      2. This was a Ladeki restaurant, but I just looked at their website, and there's no link for Blackhorse Grille so they must have sold it? Also no link for Fresh - only Roppongi. I guess they sold that one too!

        We're planning to go in a week or so for my mom's birthday - she has been wanting to try the fried chicken (and she's also a teacher!)

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          The U/T reported the sale of both The Black Horse Grille and Fresh 2 weeks ago.

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            Ah - I usually read the news online and I didn't see that. Looks like it was good news for Blackhorse Grille - I wonder about Fresh? Anybody know what's going on there?

        2. Just wanted to give this a thank you bump. I saw this thread a few weeks back and as we were planning a visit to San Diego, the BH looked very interesting. We had dinner there this past Tuesday evening and I came away very impressed. It was easily one of the best meals I've had in socal.
          The amuse was lobster bisque with a small piece of cornbread. Starters for our group were the heirloom tomato salad, roquefort souffle, and two split the beet salad. Of the three dishes, I rank the beets as best.
          For mains we had the swordfish toro with lentils and Moroccan spices, short ribs, filet of sole, and the diver scallops. Everything was excellent, but I give top honors to the swordfish. Unfortunately, my in-laws had a house full of dessert, so I'll have to wait until my next trip to sample the dessert offerings.
          About the only thing I didn't care for was the yellow tomato sorbet served with the heirloom tomato salad. It was supposed to add a salty, tomato flavor, but it just didn't work for me. And although not food related, I also think they should lose the "muzak" music and go a bit hipper. I'm not saying put on the Led Zeppelin like Mario Batali, but get me out of the supermarket.
          I was able to speak with Chef Schroeder after dinner and express my appreciation for his cuisine (I also told him about Chowhound). It seems as they plan on closing for a few days to do some remodeling, but I believe he said they would be keeping the Black Horse Grille name. I think he'll be very successful. In the immediate area I see him competing with Pamplemousse and Mille Fleurs, but now having dined at all three, I think the BHG is superior.

          1. Ate there 2 weeks ago with 3 others and it, too, was one of the best meals we all had in a long time. Had swordfish and others had scallops and halibut. Similar preparation and presentation as Arterra, but a little lower pricing. Blackhorse had been a restaurant that took over from Prime10 and was short-lived. In turn, Prime10 was owned by Ladeki and suffered from awful service and an exhorbitantly expensive wine list. I heard it was managed by his son.

            The waiter told us that BH will close for a dew days and change their name and do a quick remodel, but the menu will remain the same. And for those that went to Prime10 or its predecessor and remember the $3 valet park in the little lot in front of the restaurant, that is now free.