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Aug 24, 2006 02:35 AM

New bakery on Centinela?

Drove by it Sunday - it was closed - and I can't remember the name. (It's not the venerable Angel Maid; it's much closer to Washington and on the other side of the street.) Anyone know of this place?

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  1. Near the comic shop and pacos tacos? It's Hot Cakes, a bakery that is run by a nice french lady. I tried several things...

    * The Pistacio Macarons are too sweet and don't taste like anything.

    * Lemon Bar are a great flavor but too thin

    * Croissants are dense and not buttery

    * Red Velvet Cupcake great frosting, a little dense cake

    * Cannalle was the best thing I had. Great texture, great taste.

    * Chocolate Cream Puffs second best thing, the chocolate is like Chocolate mousse, YUM!

    They are closed sundays, but the ladies are that the Mar Vista Farmer's Market and are happy to answer any questions. I hope to try more...


    1. I was there with a friend(pro Caterer) last week sampling various baked delights. Elfe is the daughter of a famious French Baker and loves to create wonderful pastries. The full name is Hot Cakes Bakes. No limits and very fair pricing.

      1. That's it! Many thanks. Please see my next post, "Going on a bakery spree this weekend."