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Aug 24, 2006 01:25 AM

Asheville - scoop on Pack Square restaurants

I am curious about the two restaurants right on Pack Square around the corner from Salsa's with the nice patios - one is Cafe on the Square and I believe the other is a bistro of some sort. They are right next to each other. Just curious - seems like the location can't be beat for people-watching and the patios look so inviting in the evening - but I have never heard anything about either of them (including advertising). They seem to be busy even during the week, so they can't be total tourist traps, right? Would love to hear any input.

I wish Asheville had more patio dining.

PS - would also be curious to hear reports on Whiskey Tavern, Bouchon, Charlotte Street Grill, and Frazier's (by Beaver Lake). Can't seem to find much on these (I know Whiskey Tavern is new).

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  1. miss piggy - haven't dined at Cafe on Square in a while but last we did it was pricey and service was sketchy. Friends of mine (other locals) had dinner there not long ago said it was good but expensive. Locals generally leave those restaurants to the tourists. As far as the others. Haven't been to any of them so what I'm going to say is all from 2nd hand reports.
    Whiskey Tavern is casual fare, more of a TV and bar food type place; Bouchon - mixed reviews; Charlotte St. Grill - the bar is very smokey but a recent restaurant review was decent but the menu that it described was pretty uninteresting. Frazier's replaces another restaurant that was primarily big plate fried food and I suspect that this is just more of the same.

    1. We had cocktails and an appetizer and Cafe on the Square and it was very nice (no smoking in the bar) and had live music. The menu looked good. If you try it for dinner, please post.

      1. It has been years since I have been to either. Cafe on the square was mediocre. The Bistro 18whatever was better, but still not really worth a return trip.

        Bouchon is very bad, IMO. Bad frites, so-so wines, and a mussel I had to spit. Very disappointing.

        I like to eat first, then do my people-watching at the outside bar at Flying Frog.

        1. IMO, the Shrimp and Grits at Tupelo Honey is the best dish in town.

          1. In case anyone has come here by search engine: Cafe on the Square is closed as of Jan 30 2009 - it was never that busy. Bistro 1896 - it's OK but I must admit we don't go there more than once a year.... drinks aren't that great and the tourists tend to crowd there. Limones (around the corner on Eagle St) is a recommendation. Frazier's = fried food heaven. I've had good food at New French Court Cafe.