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Aug 24, 2006 01:02 AM

Chez Lola on Myrtle...what/how is it?

I just rode by Chez Lola on Myrtle and Clermont. Just read some stuff elsewhere that it's run by the Chez Oscar people. Any word on it? Is it open? I couldn't get a good look as they had their grate down when I went by.

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  1. It's nothing to write home about...but in our neighboorhood, we'll take anything. The brunch is pretty good and the burger is ok. But I don't understand why people open up places just to acheive mediocracy. It could be alot better!

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      "...but in our neighboorhood, we'll take anything."

      I'd pretty much agree with that statement. I've been living in CH/FG for 4 years now, and it's sad to say that the neighborhood is filled with lots of charming little spots (ici, June, Chez Oskar, Maggie Brown and the whole of the DeKalb "Restaurant Row", Bonita, and a slew of others) that are notable more for their cachet as hip-looking places to hang out and make some kind of scene rather than dish up an excellent meal. I'm a retired 5-star chef, and it makes me sad to see so much prime restaurant space being wasted on "achieving mediocrity," as ladybee notes, or in many cases in CH/FG, much worse.

      It says something when the best food in a supposed-destination neighborhood for dining are probably Castro's, a women-owned-and-run bare-bones Mexican place, and Grand Dakar, a Senegalese higher-end that I've eaten at several times that far outclasses anything else in CH/FG, but is way off the beaten path just off of DeKalb on Grand Ave, a location most scenester-types won't walk to at night to patronize, and thus far off most people's radar, if known at all, and a 24-hour deli that makes some of the best heros in the City (Farmer in the Deli). 'Nuff said.

      Chez Lola is just another regurgitation of the same CH/FG formula that's made some folks money here: catchy graphics, bright paint schemes, young and trendy types spending the weekends here instead of going to Manhattan, and eating burgers, moule frittes and badly-done small plate preparations. I'm grossly exaggerating the situation, but ladybee is pretty dead-on about a neighborhood where it's also impossible to find decent, even passable Chinese food or a well-done, authentic New York pizza pie. The median level of the food here really is truly awful.

      Please, someone with some culinary talent, ability and ambition and a desire to hire skilled, trained kitchen help come to CH/FG stat! Find a place, and I can assure you, you'll make a fortune. A place like Tailor or Etas-Unis would be a godsend...hell, we'd even take a better Schiller's.

    2. Lola opened over a year ago, and I am happy to see that it became a fun neighborhood spot. It is a great addition to Clinton Hill/ Ft Greene. The staff is always warm and welcoming and the manager is just the most accomodating. She helped my best friend throw her husbands 35th Bday there and stay within her budget. The food is very good (way above average) and the nightly specials make it even more interesting. The manager sometimes attends the bar and she sure makes drinks the money worth. Cocktail menu is delicious and fresh. Minnie of Myrtle; yummy! Almost forgot about Lola's charming garden! Its peaceful, quiet and very comfortable.