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Aug 24, 2006 12:56 AM

springfield va for a night

We're staying in springfield for a night on our way to kiawah. Will have our three kids in tow, so nothing fancy. Just about any type of asian food works well as does pizza but we're open to any and all suggestions.


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  1. I've heard good things about Gamasot (Korean) from a couple of people. If not there's always Mike's American Grill, which is pretty kid-friendly.

    1. Hee Been isn't too far from Springfield - it's up 395 a bit, I believe the Duke St. exit, but I might be wrong. It's just off the exit though.

      If you go towards Burke, which really isn't that far, there's a wood oven pizza place, Villa Bella:

      1. For excellent Thai food, try House of Siam, very close to the Springfield exit of I-95. Take the Old Keene Mill exit (west), right on Bland St, right on Amherst, right on Spring Garden Dr. It's on the left: 7056 Spring Garden Dr.

        Bertucci and Z-Pizza are off the same exit to the east. Exit east to Franconia Rd, right on Frontier Dr, then they'd be on your left. (Sprinfield Mall is on the right).

        A previous post mentioned Mike's American Grill. That, too, is near the Springfield Interchange, but go early. After about 6:30, there can be a significant wait, especially on weekends. I used to like the place, but the last couple of times, the food has been oversalted, so I haven't been back in months.

        House of Dynasty is a superior Americanized Chinese, about 10 minutes from the Springfield Interchange. 7550 Telegraph Road (where it crosses Hayfield Rd), Alexandria, VA 22315.

        Canton Cafe is right off the Springfield exit, in the strip mall at Old Keene Mill Rd and Bland St. It's decent, and it has the virtue of being open quite late, where most of the other others close up at 9 or 10.

        Villa Bella was also mentioned previously. It's a very nice Italian restaurant, and we eat there often, but it's about a 15-minute drive from the Springfield Interchange.

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          House of Siam is in that strip mall where everyone has yellow signs, right? If so, I agree that it's a good place. I forgot about it, but certainly second it.