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Aug 24, 2006 12:43 AM

Good food in Fredericksburg

We haven't been to Fredericksburg in a while, but will be visiting over Labor Day weekend. What are the best places? Is the Hilltop Cafe still good? Cost not an issue. Looking for places for lunch and dinner. Thanks in advance.

P.S. We're also planning on a trip to Mac & Ernie's in Tarpley. Any reason not to go?

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  1. We ate at August E's the last time we were there and enjoyed it very much.
    Also a little place across the street from our B&B on South Washington that was in an old house was great...unfortunately I can't remember the name of it off hand.

      1. Can't say too many good things about BonTerra. Located just west of town on Hwy. 87. Their crawfish enchilada or the lobster club sandwich are usually on the menu and are super. If the sauteed baby pork shanks are on offer, try them. They are served on a mound of garlicky mashed potatoes, usually with a small salad and are scrumptious.