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Oct 15, 2004 01:36 AM

Recommendations near Columbus and Beach?

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So my friend and I are going to Cobb's Comedy Club at 10:15pm on Saturday and I'm looking for restaurants around this tricky neighborhood. I'm new to the SF area but having just spent the past 2 hours cross-checking Citysearch with SF Chronicle, I can't decide where to eat. Cozmo's sounded good until Bauer's recent review tore the place apart. Moose's might have been ideal but they're not seating until 8:30...which is cutting too close. Any other suggestions? Please don't let me fall prey to some horrible tourist trap. Californian or New American cuisine is preferable...

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  1. Some pointers, assuming you don't have the time (or possibly budget) for Gary Danko:

    A) I'm not familiar with Cozmo, but my inclination is to ignore anything M. Bauer says, especially if you find contradictory views from credible sources. MB seems to always have his own agenda.

    B) Washington Square Bar & Grill might be a good alternative to Moose's. It gets generally warm reviews on CH, serves dinner early, and seems to fit your category.

    C) There are plenty of good Italian restuarant options on Columbus Avenue; these (save the Gold Spike) are not family-style bust-your-gut parmigiano palaces; They're really not too far from "New American" or Californian cuisine (where the heck did arugula come from, anyway?). Stick with the small places right on the Ave. If it's mild weather, you'll see plenty of people dining at sidewalk tables and you can do a visual survey of the food.

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      Already did Gary Danko...and while it was very impressive, I want to explore more of what SF has to offer.

      I looked into Washington Bar & Grill...the online menu seems pretty standard. Am I missing something?

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        Not sure what you're looking for. While WSB&G's menu is shorter than Moose's, it seems to have a similar focus, and I got the impression you were looking for something quick.

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          WSB&G is about the place, the history, the people who have sat at the bar. Food is good versions of North Beach classics. I would recommend Albona Ristorante Istriano at 545 Francisco St. It's a jewel box kind of place with food from the northern Adriatic area. Owner is very personable and charming.

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        Actually, i would hesistate to recommend any of the restaurants on Columbus Avenue except for L'osteria Del Forno. however, they don't take reservations, so you may have to wait, since they only have 10 tables in the place. but the food is worth the wait if you have the time, and if you go early and dont' have to wait, then you can always kick around north beach afterwards with cocktails somewhere....

      3. I've been wanting to try Da Flora. Here's a previous post.


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          Robert Lauriston

          Second on da Flora.

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            I love Da Flora and the eccentric owner, but feel I have to offer a word of caution. Flor has always been great to me and I've had lovely, intimate dinners there. I've also seen her turn people away at the door just because and tell 'em the place is fully reserved.


        2. There is a place just off of Columbus (on Green?) where I've had a couple of nice meals. It's called Bocce and they have a pleasant patio off the back if the weather is agreeable. Definitely not haute cuisine but reliable, enjoyable chow.

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            I posted a few days ago about a very nice dinner at Mangarosa on Stockton just off Columbus. Easy to get a reservation, unusual and good food.

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              Here's a link to your Mangarosa post. Thanks for taking the plunge and letting us know about it. Sounds more interesting than most of what's available nearby, and at $50 per head including wine, a good deal too.


              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Mangarosa sounds interesting actually...I checked out the website and it looks like it could have potential. There's no dessert menu online though. Does anyone remember what they have?