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Aug 24, 2006 12:21 AM

Max Amore

While passing by Hartford at lunchtime, we suddenly realized
that we were probably the only Connecticut residents
who had never visited one of the Max restaurants.
Heading downton to remedy this, we decided to skip
the traffic and zipped across the river to Glastonbury
to visit Max Amore.

Arriving at an apparently very busy 1 p.m., we were
nevertheless seated immediately and served by an
attentive and friendly waiter. The Italian bistro food
arrived quickly and was quite tasty. Two of us gave A pluses
to the Roast Turkey Panini. Even the slaw and white bean
salad was excellent. Wine menu was extensive but was a
little pricier than we are used to on the shoreline.
Only drawback was that the high noise level would discourage
any romantic Amore among the Max patrons. Probably a good
idea to get reservations if you have a large party and
want to arrive at a busy time. Our consensus: Very Good.

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  1. Thanks. Now my husband and I are the last to try a Max! For a dinner-- which of the Max's would you other Ct hounds reccomend?

    Don-- how were the prices? Did you see a dinner menu?

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    1. re: madisoneats

      I've only been to Max-A-Mia and to Max's Tavern. Max-A-Mia has great food with a bit of an Italian slant, but it's fairly noisy. Max's Tavern, located in the Basketball Hall of Fame building in Springfield, MA has my vote for dinner. The atmosphere, while not super quiet, is nicer than what I've experienced or heard about the others. Then there's Max Downtown, which is the flagship of the group. Haven't been yet, but I hear it's the best of the group.

      1. re: madisoneats

        Did not see dinner menu. Lunch entrees that I remember were from $7 to $18.

      2. Actually Max's Tavern is the only Max restaurant that I don't care for - none of the meals (including dinner) have been all that great. Best variety is probably at Trumbull Kitchen in downtown Hartford.

        1. I've been to all of the Max restaraunts other than the Tavern(Springfield, MA) in the Basketball Hall of Fame. I've had great meals at all of them.
          Max Downtown is probably the fanciest/most expensive. Amore(Glastonbury) and A-mia(Avon) are a little more casual and the Oyster Bar(West Hartford) is both fancy and casual. My favorite? Trumbull Kitchen in downtown Hartford...they've got an eclectic menu that I love.

          here's a link to their site with all menus: