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Aug 23, 2006 11:40 PM

Has anyone ever grilled a turducken?

In a fit of indulgence, I bought a premade, frozen turducken and I'm thinking that I want to invite some folks over to try it--but I just don't feel like firing up the oven. Anyone done one of these on a grill? I have a gas grill (which I frankly haven't used all summer) and a charcoal grill on which I can easily do indirect heat. Thoughts, oh Chowish ones?

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  1. I've done several in the oven to rave reviews -- this is a really tasty, if unusual, combination of flavors. Basically, all you have to do is thoroughly heat the thing all the way through, so indirect on the grill should work fine, and also add some more flavor.

    1. Cool. Thanks. I'm planning on putting a drip pan under the turdurken. What did you serve with yours?

      1. I have never cooked a turdurken but would like to know what it is!



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          It's pretty much a Turkey stuffed with a duck thats stuffed with a chicken, hence the name...haha

          1. re: King of Northern Blvd

            Yes, 3 different birds but also 3 different stuffings: andouille sausage, corn bread and oyster stuffings. I have made Paul Prudhomme's version (he is the originator of Turducken) recipe available online and it was so wonderful. My best friend begs for it every holiday season but thinks that I should add a Cornish game hen and a quail!!!

            1. re: sel

              Paul Prudhomme? I never heard that. Was John Madden just the popularizer of the Turducken?

              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                Paul Prudhomme claims to have invented it, but the Hebert family of Maurice, LA, has a pretty damn good claim on it as well. Their butcher shop ships turduckens worldwide...I think they supply Madden with his multi-legged creature each year.

            2. re: King of Northern Blvd

              Are all three birds deboned?? How do you carve it??


              1. re: j2brady

                All 3 birds are deboned except that the turkeys legs and wings remain intact, with their bones so that when the Turducken is served, it looks like a typical roast turkey.

                Carving is simple. You remove the legs and wings and cut cross section slices about an inch thick that reveal the layers of meat and stuffing.

          2. All of the birds are boned, and have a layer of stuffing between each one -- I like the crayfish stuffing the best. Since this is a Cajun dish, I like to serve with redbeans and rice and garlicky greens.

            1. Yuk,I thought you post asked " Has anyone KILLED at turducken?" Could be the latest rage for busy hunters who don't have time to dress and stuff all of those birds themselves.