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Aug 23, 2006 11:28 PM

Cheap Dining Idea for a Party???

ok chowhounds...i challenge you to get creative. i'm planning a baby shower (approx 50 ppl)...but only have a $10-$15/pp budget to work with. impossible? maybe. but i have faith in you. i know some of you might know of some hidden gems for budget eats. open to all creative suggestions (just no dim sum! lol).

interested to hear what you come up with! thx everyone!

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  1. I would throw a taco party. I ordered from my favorite taqueria once, and they're so unused to large orders they threw in a ton of stuff free. You might get a taco truck to do the same, and have leftovers to buy dessert elsewhere.

    1. Phillipe's ( ) will usually allow you to reserve one of the private rooms upstairs. We did a post-wedding reception there and it was great. We put up little signs to direct our guests upstairs, and brought in flowers and a wedding cake. The Binders (who own Phillips) provided a nice wine selection at a great price and gave us coupons to give to our guests, who then stood in line and ordered whatever they wanted. Everyone had a great time, the food was excellent, and the cost per person was definitely in your range. Parking isn't a problem, plus, it's a fun historic LA place.

      1. please clarify - do you want to pick up the food, or do you want to have it at a restaurant?

        1. we would be looking to have the shower at a restaurant. open to ideas for buffets, brunches, budget afternoon teas, etc. if you have any other creative an ice cream party at a cool soda fountain shop...or just having desserts somewhere nice, would love to hear from you. thx!

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            Jin Patisserie? They may be able to meet your budget. It would be less expensive to buy food and host at home because you would have better control of costs.

          2. You didn't say the location, but middle eastern may be an option. Alcazar < > in Encino might be a good location. It has a nice room and the mezza isn't that expensive. Most are under $6 per item and you could probably feed 4 people with three orders of meza, assuming your are planning to serve cocktail-size proportions.

            What are you planning to do with respect to drinks? It seems like that could cause problems with your budget. Also factor in gratuity. Most places will tack on 20% automatically. So out of a $15 pp budget, you have to figure $3 of that would go to tip.