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Aug 23, 2006 10:52 PM

Jury duty dining - San Diego

Yes, I know this topic has come up time and again. I think it deserves a revisit from time to time, though.

I was on jury duty Monday and Tuesday, and it struck me that although I know a lot of restaurants in the area of the courthouses, I had little knowledge of the hidden or unknown gems, and a search here didn't reveal a lot of segregated information.

On Monday, I went to the food court at Horton Plaza (if you can call that tight walkway a "court"), and got an acceptable but probably pedestrian burrito at La Salsa. My dessert was at Ben & Jerry's.

On Tuesday, I did the buffet at Monsoon (Indian), and although I was certainly not hungry upon leaving, I wasn't that blown away (probably a tad bit better than the other Indian buffets I've tried in San Diego, though I was more impressed with some of the desserts than the entrees).

So, what are the good options? I know that the upscale gang likes Dobson's, but that probably is a higher target than I wanted. Had I been in the mood, I would have headed over to Athens Market (Greek). I know about the chains, and may have gone to the Yard House if I wasn't worried about having too many beers. :)

What would have been a good option for a non-chain taco/burrito shop (if any)? Sandwiches? Pizza? Some other things I may not have considered? All would have to be within a 15-minute walk of the courthouses, so that a hour-and-a-half lunch would be doable, without having to worry about running back.

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  1. It's been mentioned here before, but the NYC slices at Ciro's Pizzeria on Market and 6th are as good as any I've had in this city (though still short of a slice in NYC).

    1. Grab n Go at One America Plaza has very good sandwiches. Soups are also very good. I eat lunch there several times a week. At Horton Plaza, street level on the Front St. side is a very good upscale market/deli/grille sort of place. I dont know the name but you cant miss it - lots of tables outdoors. Its across the street from Athens Market.

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        I'll second Grab n Go. I was on jury duty last month and picked up a sandwich and walked the 2 blocks or so down to the water and ate on one of the shady benches with a great view of the bay. It's not fancy, but the sandwiches were pretty decent for the price.

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          On Wednesday's Karl Strauss has a meatloaf special with green apple catsup which was great last time I was on JD. Just put your juror badge in you pocket if you going to have a beer.


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            The Karl Strauss suggestion does sound good.

            I'm not worried about being seen having beer as a juror; I'm worried that one beer would turn into three, and at that point it probably would be pretty noticeable no matter what I would do.

            Both the Ciro's and Grab n Go suggestions sound good to me. I had remembered in the back of my mind about a decent deli (it was Grab n Go), but had forgotten the name. That probably would have been my choice on Tuesday - the buffet was too, too much.

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          The deli you are referring to is called Beach City Market (on the first street side of Horton) Definitely one of my favorites downtown - tons of choices and they grill every day.

        3. Sushi Deli is very good, and they even have a takout selection as well. Grab and Go has great sandwiches too.

          1. Mixon's Deli has really good sandwiches. It's on First just north of A Street (right hand side of street).

            There is also Caparell's (or Capparelli's) across the street. Haven't been in there in years but it was fairly crowded at lunch the last time I walked by.

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              I agree about Mixon's. I used to work next door, and they make a good sandwich! And it is Caparell's. I've always liked their food, too. Good pizza, large tasty salads, and good pasta dishes. I like their stuffed shells. Be sure and try the jalapeno breadsticks!

              Another idea for the OP - take a brisk walk up to 9th and Broadway and try Pokez for vegetarian Mexican food. Good food, eclectic decor, colourful clientele, and it's a family operation.

            2. I do work downtown, and I can't say that there is any place very near the courthouse that will get the average chowhound excited. I like the sandwiches at the place in the AT&T building across the street (Scott's?) Sushi deli is good for fast and cheap. You may want to go up to Little Italy (15 min walk or so). Those places are open for lunch, whereas many of the major gaslamp places are not. Rice in the W hotel has much better food than Karl Strauss for almost the same price (unless you want beer). I do second Caparell's for basic Italian.