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Aug 23, 2006 10:40 PM

Providence tonight for my BF's 31st bday dinner??

Hi 'Hounds,

My plan is to take my BF to Providence tonight to celebrate his birthday. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews so I'm hoping my knowledgeable friends on this board can lend some insight on my decision or let me know if I should make an 11th hour switch.

He took me to Bastide for my bday and it was a fabulous experience. I just want to make sure that the food, service and ambiance will measure up to our high foodie expectations.

Appreciate your help!

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  1. My experience at Providence has been great - gone for both lunch and dinner.
    The food was beautifully prepared-subtly nuanced, but innovative.
    Although the prices are high, I really appreciate that the tastes were complex without being overwhelming or overly fussy.
    Since you're celebrating, I would suggest having a drink at the bar first. The italian bartender can really mix a drink.
    Then the prix-fix menu if you want to go all out-it's well worth it!
    oh yeah, the raw oysters with mignonette-killer.
    and the spot prawn tartare (may not be in season)
    and the thai snapper dish I had was terrific.
    The service was excellent, and relaxed. Once they sense that you are a foodie, they are very enthusiastic. Enjoy! Please let me know how it goes.

    1. My GF took me for my D-erm, I mean B-day last year. I thought it was tremendous. Everything about the experience was exceptional - food, wine, service, atmosphere, etc. We did the tasting menu with accompanying wine pairing. They were also recently named one of the James Beard Foundation's best new restaurants of the year.

      1. Thanks, that helps! I will post a report with pics tomorrow. :)

        1. I had a wonderful experience. Just be prepared to spend some cash, as you would at any restaurant of this caliber, relax and let it wash over you - oh and save room for desert because it is astounding.

          1. Try it. We enjoyed our meal and were very impressed by the creative and unusual wine pairing. I look forward to going back.