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Anniversary dinner downtown / Thoughts on MK?

My wife and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary downtown in September and are considering our dining options. Topolobampo's available reservations were too late for us, so we snapped one up at MK. We've been hearing positive and negative about MK, so we're wondering what other places people might recommend as a romantic dinner in the downtown area. Not really looking for 3 hour degustations (not that I mind...). We'll be at the Burnham Hotel, so walk/short cab from there preferred. By the way, if you read LTH you'll have seen this question there, and the only response I've received so far is one saying not to stereotype Custom House as a steakhouse (which may be a very good discussion to have, but not exactly helping me).

If we can't agree on anything else, we get a small dinner and do the 9 p.m. dessert tasting at Tru, which would hardly be a disaster.

Thanks in advance!

--Bill Pardue

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  1. The Atwood Cafe, in your hotel is very good. I recommend going after the Theater crowd leaves, around 7:30. While the theater people are there, it's all kind of rushed.

    I haven't been to MK downtown. For a while they had another location in the Northern suburbs (MK North), but I was never wowed and the service was terrible.

    1. I agree with SuzMiCo, regarding the Atwood Cafe. Had a pre-theater birthday dinner there once that was superb, and the server did everything possible to get us out on time without feeling rushed. Superb food and service. As far as mk, it is one of my favorite "old standbys" (until I tried North Pond Cafe), and I have never had a less than stellar meal there, both in terms of food and service. I have only been to the River North location, as I usually only pass through the northern suburbs as a way to access Wisconsin.

      1. We have always enjoyed Naha. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is more serene than MK's.


        Haven't been to Everest in a long time but the room and view is very romantic. It still gets great reviews from the critics.

        1. My fiance and I went to mk the night we got engaged and we had a lovely time. The food and service were great and it wasn't too loud so we could actually hear each other. They also have nice low, romantic lighting that makes any new jewelry you might be wearing look very sparkly :-)

          1. Naha, mk and Custom House are all very good.

            1. We enjoyed MK(River North)but it has been several years. Naha is not what I would call serene. I thought MK was less noisy. North Pond is what I would call serene and we love that place. What about One Sixty Blue? We have not been there for a while also but have had several delicious dinners there.
              Keep in mind that just because we haven't eaten at a particular restaurant in a while it should in no way indicate a level of dissatifaction, rather that there are just so many good restaurants it's hard to make it back on a regular basis. Crofton on Wells would be another excellent choice and we have been there recently.

              1. If you check my profile, you will see mk listed as one of my top 5 restaurants. Mr. Janet took me to Chicago for my 40th birthday two years ago and mk was perfection. The atmosphere, the food, the menu, the service. It was one of the most special nights in my life. Fortunately the hotel was walking distance from the restaurant <g>.

                1. My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary at MK and had a wonderful evening. Everyone seemed to go out of their way to make our night special. The food, service, atmostphere, etc. were all perfect. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with MK if you are celebrating something special. Hope you have a great dinner together!

                  1. Thanks, all! Thanks to your comments, we're going to stick with the MK reservation. BTW, we've done North Pond in the past and loved it. We'll be having b-fast at the Atwood and have had X-mas tea there with our son, so it's a special place for us, too. Naha and One Sixty Blue and Custom House seem intriguing, so maybe someday. Everest would be cool, but we don't want to go QUITE that far into our pockets this time!

                    1. Also, my wife corrected me. The Tru dessert tasting would have to wait until 10:30 pm on the weekend. The thought was that we might do Hot Doug's early and Tru late, but Hot Doug's closes too early for us to get to town and we'd be starving by the time we got to Tru! Maybe another time!

                      We did the dessert tasting a few years ago and it's absolutely fantastic, by the way. Maybe even better than our regular meal at Tru more recently! (Can I say that?) <-;