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Best in meatpacking??

What are some of the best restaurants in the meatpacking district?

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  1. I ate at Spice Market and Barbuto on my last visit, but am looking for some of your local favorites.....

    1. I revisited Pastis recently and forgot how good it was. Basic French bistro food. Some of the better mussels I have had in the city and the steak tartare was yummy too. Don't think it's "the best", but it was good.

      1. Oh...Pastis is consistent, and it is so lovely to sit outside and watch the world while you share a carafe of wine and have some steak frites and escargot. At certain times of the year, it feels "best". Do you know what I mean?

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          I do know what you mean. It was quite yummy. We had a three hour dinner with lots of french rose. It was memorable.

        2. We passed by Pastis, it did look lovely. That's definitely on my list to visit next time! I love that area...

          1. Just thinking about it makes me think...maybe this weekend? Jenniebnyc, I love those kinds of dinners!

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              Go for it!!! After dinner try Employess Only for a cocktail. The mixologists there make some wonderful concoctions!

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                Excellent idea! I've never been and have been wanting to try it. Thanks!

            2. The meatpacking dist was on the map pre hipsters with The Old Homestead.. (never, never go to the one in Atlantic City , though ).. The OH has amazing beef and lamb , not lugar's but you can go there without reservations on off hours.. and they serve amazing adult beverages.. old NYC flavor...can go in black tie or black Tee... just be ready to indulge your inner trencherman ... and they have a wonderful chopped salad with basil vinagerette you will remember.

              1. The best in the Meatpacking was when there WERE NO RESTAURANTS EXCEPT Florent, a bunch of transvestite hookers on the corners, and the smells of rotting meat scraps from the butchers.

                Unfortunately, its like some sort of over-hyped wonderland there... lost ALL character.