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Aug 23, 2006 10:30 PM


Any reviews/feedback on Wildfire? It was suggested to me for a dinner with some steak-loving friends, but I know nothing about it. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've always found it to be pretty solid, nothing surprising. Very old-school clubby atmosphere. The kind of place where the side dishes come on separate plates. Big portions. Big dessert tray with big, share-worthy desserts. My experience is with the Oak Brook location.

    Menu at:

    1. I always have enjoyed Wildfire, and have found that their horseradish-crusted and blue cheese-crusted filets are somewhat unique (i.e., a bit different than what's typically served at other steakhouses). Some people inevitably will dislike Wildfire because it is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant. The atmosphere can be a little over the top (typical of Maggiano's and other LEYE "chain" places). The Oak Brook location, in my experience, always is very crowded. However, the food always has been pretty solid, IMO.

      I believe that they do give you a choice of potato (red skin mashed are good) with your dinner -- in other words, it's not all ala carte like some steakhouses. Also, the salads are very good and very big (more than enough to share with a group).

      1. I completely agree with the above. Predictable, consistent, and solid food, service, and don't forget the martinis.

        1. Ate at the downtown location last year over marathon weekend, and would concur with all the above comments. Was crowded and noisy, but food was solid and straight-forward and we had efficient, friendly service.


          1. One of the better Lettuce Entertain You restaurants. Very good food and vibrant atmosphere. Try the bacon wrapped scallops. Decor incorporates a lot of wood and stone which creates a cozy contemporary lodge feel. Prices are more reasonable when compared to most Chicago Steakhouses.