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Aug 23, 2006 10:12 PM

Beehouse teapots SEA

Can anyone tell me where I might find BeeHouse teapots in Seattle? Neither the Perennial Tearoom nor the Queen Mary have 'em. Any guesses who might? Thanks.

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  1. I don't know if they carry them or not, but you might try the Teacup on the top of Queen Anne, 2207 Queen Anne Ave N, 206-283-5931.
    Their tea selection is great and the staff is knowledgeable and kind. They have a small to medium range of teapots and other tea paraphernalia.

    1. Mrs Cooks in the U-Village (was just there this week)
      Uwajimaya in the ID (bought our beehouse teapot here, big selection in color and shapes)

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        Thank you! I'll head over to Uwajimaya tonight. Appreciate the info.

      2. I see that this is an old post, but you can find them - quite a few of them - at Market Spice in Pike Place Market.

        1. Any recommendations for a Seattle-area source of nice, not-overpriced Japanese tea pots/tea sets - other than Uwajimaya or Shiga's? Looking for the perfect one for a gift.

          Also, any recommendations for *very good quality green tea* to be found in Seattle? I know very little about green tea, but if there's an amazingly delicious kind that's hard to find, I'd love to include a box/packet of it in this gift.

          Thank you!

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            I've become a huge fan of the green tea at Koots, the new tea shop in Lincoln Square in Bellevue - without question the best green tea I've had in ages. Knowledgeable staff, to boot.


          2. The Perrenial Tea Room on Post Alley is great and there's a new tea place up on Cap Hill that I've been hearing about (don't know the name, sorry). Teahouse Kuan Yin up on 45th used to have lovely pots, but I haven't been there in years.

            As for the tea itself, PCC has remarkably high quality, not overly expensive Fair Trade teas in its bulk bins here in W Seattle (don't know about other PCCs). I'd buy my tea there (they have some lovely greens) and pack 'em in little tins myself, if I were you.

            Good luck!