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Aug 23, 2006 10:05 PM

Eleven - What to Order - Chef's Menu

I'm a recent transplant from Boston and I'm going to Eleven for the first time Friday night. Any suggestions for what to order (I eat everything)? Is the chef's menu a good idea?

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  1. I've had the chef menu with wine and it's worth doing. Compared to places in other cities the price didn't seem all that bad with the wine.

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      I'd love some more details if you could remember them. What was the best thing you had? How were the portions? Were the courses well timed?

    2. It's been a couple of year so I don't remember the dishes though I did feel that the wine/food pairings were done very nicely. I'm a big guy and a big eater and I left full for the evening. I didn't really notice the timing so I'm going to use that to say that the timing must have been just fine. The tasting menu if I remember correctly changes seasonally so you'll be having a different menu than I had.

      1. I wish I could find my old, but good report on Eleven, but I can't. For me, the Chef's tasting menu with the wine would be too much food. My girfriend got it when we were there, but her husband was sitting beside her with his fork ready to finish what ever course it was that she couldn't!
        Often times my husband and I go and sit in the bar these day.

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          I think the Chef's tasting menu with wine is a great way to go at Eleven. I've gone this way and also ordered off the menu and found that the tasting menu was just the right amount of food. And the additional wine pairings are well worth the money. Eleven offers many wines that are not readily available at our local wine & spirit shops. Here's the link to the current online menu, but it does change often. If you don't choose the chef's tasting I would recommend any tuna or lamb entree that's being offered. Their seafood sampler would also be a good bet. They also have a fantastic lamb "bacon" salad that's a must. My husband is a steak and potato man and the NY Prime at Eleven is his favorite dish anywhere. Enjoy!

        2. Thanks for the info. Betcha anything my mom goes for the lamb (unless, of course, we do the chef's)!