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Mijana - New Lebansese Restaurant in Burlingame

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I read about this new place in the Food Section of the Chronicle today. Has anyone been there yet? I am curious since there is a lack of Lebanese restaurants in or near SF.

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  1. Do you have an online link? I tried searching and came up with nothing. Thanks...

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      1. Oh man that sounds good. Lamb spleen stuffed with garlic and cliantro ... gotta get there before they take that one off the menu.

        1. That sounds amazing! I will try to arrange a chowdown if anyone is interested (but not too soon, will need to recoup from tomorrow's). sfchaddictATgmail.com

          Edit: never mind! Looks like there are already possible plans in the works!

          1. I went there today. I thought the decor was nice. Service was a bit lacking during lunch time. Food was pretty good. Although, I thought the FALAFEL AROUSS was okay. Pretty of food when you order the dish and the price is reasonable.

            1. Pretty authentic Lebanese food. Fried kibbeh is great, the hummus amazing, shrimp hareef excellent. The pita is awesome when it comes out fresh off the grill piping hot. Service at dinner is still needing polish especially when busy. Good place to go with a group so you can try more mezza dishes.