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Aug 23, 2006 09:44 PM

What are your trusted, reliable brands?

There are certain appliance and cookware brands which over the years have rarely, if ever, let me down.

I love Sears refrigerators, stoves and other large appliances which are not food-related so can't be mentioned here. They may not be the trendy kid on the block, but they are reasonably priced, do their job with few repairs and last for years.

I like Pyrex. If it rarely breaks due to failure of the product, they cheerfully replace it.

Also for sheer durability is Corelle dishes. I still have the set I bought when they first started selling and only two pieces broke due to EXTREME abuse.

What are your favorite brands?

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  1. I love Pyrex as well.

    For small tools, I find OXO products always last a long time and fit my hands well.

    1. For appliances, Miele has never let me down. For cookware, LC, All-Clad and OXO are tried & true.

      1. My favorite cookware brands are LC, Sitram and Swiss Diamond. I've been very happy with my Villeroy & Boch everyday dishes which I've had for about 10 years now.

        1. GE Profile appliances have an unbeatable price/quality relationship in my opinion. My combination microwave/convection oven is awesome.

          I love all of my OXO tools, Le Creuset pots and Bourgeat pans (not the expensive copper ones, just S/S).

          I buy Dudson Hotel China from restaurant suppliers, the sheen and durability are fantastic. Schott Zweisel (sp?) Tritan crystal glasses are unbreakable and very stylish, I also get them from restaurant stores.

          1. Cuisinart for small appliances, all-clad pots and pans