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What are your trusted, reliable brands?

There are certain appliance and cookware brands which over the years have rarely, if ever, let me down.

I love Sears refrigerators, stoves and other large appliances which are not food-related so can't be mentioned here. They may not be the trendy kid on the block, but they are reasonably priced, do their job with few repairs and last for years.

I like Pyrex. If it rarely breaks due to failure of the product, they cheerfully replace it.

Also for sheer durability is Corelle dishes. I still have the set I bought when they first started selling and only two pieces broke due to EXTREME abuse.

What are your favorite brands?

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  1. I love Pyrex as well.

    For small tools, I find OXO products always last a long time and fit my hands well.

    1. For appliances, Miele has never let me down. For cookware, LC, All-Clad and OXO are tried & true.

      1. My favorite cookware brands are LC, Sitram and Swiss Diamond. I've been very happy with my Villeroy & Boch everyday dishes which I've had for about 10 years now.

        1. GE Profile appliances have an unbeatable price/quality relationship in my opinion. My combination microwave/convection oven is awesome.

          I love all of my OXO tools, Le Creuset pots and Bourgeat pans (not the expensive copper ones, just S/S).

          I buy Dudson Hotel China from restaurant suppliers, the sheen and durability are fantastic. Schott Zweisel (sp?) Tritan crystal glasses are unbreakable and very stylish, I also get them from restaurant stores.

          1. Cuisinart for small appliances, all-clad pots and pans

            1. Wusthof
              Le Creuset

              1. In the increasingly global economy I'm finding brands mean less and less.

                1. Pyrex is also on my list. Oxo for sure. And Wustof and AllClad. And still, KitchenAid for small appliances. I have a KitchenAid stove and dishwasher, but there are definitely better brands for major appliances.

                  1. Should I buy a Miele dishwasher? Is it worth the $$? How much? Which model? I have not had a working dishwasher in years but I'm thinking I'll have more counter space if I get a new dishwasher and get rid of the drying rack on the counter.
                    Also, what is the BEST toaster, BEST toaster-over? I returned a Dualit that did NOT toast at all well but I was in love with its looks.

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                      Yes! Yes! I had my old Miele DW for 25 years and finally replaced it last fall. I can't recall the model name of the one I purchased but I chose it because it has a very short (about 25 min) cycle. The "third" tray on top for silverware was invented by Miele and, altho I didn't think I'd like it, I love it. Cleans perfectly, so quiet I have to look at the read-out to see whether it's on or not, unsurpassed quality & service (not that you probably need it very much...I think I needed service twice (it might have been just once) on my old one.) I mainly cook for my DH and myself & the super short wash is all I ever need...the washing & drying effectiveness is THAT thorough.

                      I'm still searching for a decent toaster over. I bought the top of the line Cuisinart about a year ago. The toast is so-so...browns on the top but not the bottom. I use it mainly as an oven and for that it's very good. My biggest complaint is that the white finish is chipping & cracking already so it looks like sh*t. There's only DH & I so no one is abusing it. Very disappointed. I'm semi-tempted by the Panasonic TO ... read the mainly good reviews on Amazon ... it's great looking but it seems small. Apparently the toast function is excellent but the oven maybe not so much. If you find a good TO, please let me know!!!!

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                        I have an older Black and Decker toaster oven. Does an OK job, toasts more on the top than the bottom. I roast tomatoes in it and make "oven fries" cut a potato into french freis and through them in the TO with some olive oil and salt. The big reason I got the B&D is because it was the only one I could find with a bracket so I can hang it from the bottom of a cabinet and clear the space on the counter top

                    2. AllClad pots are fab, for the price. Sure, they can be beaten, but you could buy a small car for the same price!

                      And my W├╝sthof knives make things so much easier, but, I think any good, forged pointed blade knife works well when SHARPENED regularly. And use a steel to keep the edge straight.


                      1. The only cooking wear brand not to disapoint me was Le Crueset. I also like Glad Plastic Wrap the best and Reynolds Non-Stick Foil.

                        Everything else, I've found something 'eh' about it and shop around... :)


                        1. All Clad
                          Le Crueset

                          1. A bit obvious but:

                            Kitchen Aid Mixers... will last your lifetime and many after you

                            Le Crueset cast iron... you'll also pass these on to your progeny

                            1. Is there anything that you are specifically looking for? Some names are good at one thing but not necessarily great at another: Kitchen Aid, for instance: fabulous standing mixer but I'm not sure i'd go with some of their cookware).

                              Wusthof - knives
                              Le Creuset - Enameled Cast Iron (I HIGHLY recommend one of their dutch ovens)
                              All Clad - pots and pans (stainless)
                              OXO - the best salad spinner
                              Kitchen Aid - standing mixer
                              Pampered Chef - believe it or not for gadgets and non-stick cookware

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                                I'm not looking for anything specific. Just what you listed. If the same name appear over and over, it is a good indication that usually purchasing that brand will be reliable ... there's always that lemon out there, or companies change.

                                I forgot to add the Vita-Mixer. That thing lasted a few decades, was a heavy work horse, but it did what it promised. It took a garage sale to get rid of it. And I'm sure it is probably still revving its engines in sommeone else's home.

                                Besides, like great food, the items we use to make great food should be acknowledged. There is too much junk out there.

                                Oh ... and Ball or Kerr mason jars. How much more reliable can you be than that.

                              2. The best of the best are:
                                Hobart mixer
                                Robot Coupe food processor
                                Vita Mix blender
                                Vintage Sabatier or Dexter Russell carbon steel knives
                                Copco Cousances Le Creuset enameled cast iron cook/bakeware
                                Oxo good grips utensils
                                Dexter Russell utensils
                                Vollrath large stainless steel aluminum clad pots & utensils
                                Corelle dishware
                                Corning blue flower bakeware [loaf pans, pie pans, cake pans]