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Aug 23, 2006 09:22 PM

Haveli in Tustin

I finally made it to the buffet at Haveli for lunch. The food is excellent and abundant. In addition to the standard tandoori chicken, they had fish curry, lamb curry, another chicken dish and several vegetable dishes, including aloo gobi. I think this is the best buffet in the area.

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  1. cross streets please, or better yet, address.

    hopefully i work near it

    1. Haveli. Address. 13882 Newport Ave, Suite G, Tustin, CA - 92867, USA. Phone : 714-669 1011
      Newport Ave (eastside) and 5 fwy

      1. I also ate here this week, and love the food here. This is one of the better Punjabi places I've eaten in, and the lunch buffet is only $8.

        1. Have only been for dinner,and I've praised it's food in an earlier post...they have the most unique and vibrant flavors of any Indian restaurant in OC...haven't found any better in LA as well.The Punjab dishes are great...must try the chicken methi,another chicken dish heavily laden w/ cumin,and the eggplant benta......
          my only concern w/ Haveli is that every time I've been,usually on Sat nights,the place is empty.....this is one of those family owned, unique and special places we have few of in OC,so please lets try and support it.

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            I go to Havali often for lunch and dinner. It is truely one of the better Indian restaurants in OC and as yet an undiscovered gem. If it is any indication, it rates at the top of the list with almost all of my Indian friends. Well worth visiting and well worth your support.

            1. re: Tatter

              I heartedly if we can just get the overflow from Honda-ya to go around the corner and try Haveli,we may be able to keep it afloat.

          2. We went yesterday for lunch and were interested to try a few items from the menu. the place was half full with mostly indian families. After looking at the menu for a few minutes a guy(maybe the owner)asked us if we knew what we wanted? we said we need a few minutes. He asked us how a bout the buffet and I said no thanks. He then said have you tried our buffet and we said no. He said ours is diffrent and it is very good,you should try it! Like he was forcing us to go for the buffet. We felt uneasy and said ok. I felt the buffet was Ok. A lot of the dishes were very spicy and watered down. The chicken tandoori was good,but I didn't find any white meat. I liked the eggplant and tomato dish. Overal it was Ok,but what is the problem with indian resturants forcing you to eat their buffet. They could have made more money if we ordered from the menu. This happened to us at another indian restaurant in Irvine(clay oven). After they told us it was only buffet we walked out. This restaurants should realize not every body can stomach spicy food and heartburn is no picnic, so let people order from the menu, what they really want.

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              I realize you didn't have a positive experience,but I would recommend trying it for dinner,where there is no buffet... I have found the food to be excellent,and definitely the most vibrant flavors of any Indian restaurant in OC...might I suggest you try the dishes I recommended in my post just will also get white meat in those dishes.