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Aug 23, 2006 09:18 PM

middle eastern/ mediterranean- massis bakery in watertown

anyone been here?? what can you recommend?? saw it in today's globe. sounds more like a deli than a bakery. how's the hummus?? do they make sandwiches?? desserts??

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  1. Check this thread about the Armenian stores in Watertown. Lots of good info, but more on Arax and Sevan.

    I like Massis' olive bar the best. Also have a decent, inexpensive selection of spices.

    1. I like Arax better, myself, although Massis does have pre-made felafel balls you can purchase individually, IIRC.

      1. I love the veggie grape leaves at Sevan Bakery down the street. They don't taste like anyone else's, and they are worth a detour. Also Great baba ganoush!

        1. I was there last year; spent at least an hour and much $$$ buying wonderful middle eastern food; several types of feta cheese and other prepared foods. It's a schlep from NH but I do plan to go again.

          1. Sevan gets my vote. The people at Massis are always in a bad mood and the folks at Sevan are always super-friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Sevan also wins in my book because I like the fact that the food isn't prepackaged so that I can get 4 grape leaves instead of 12 and one scoop of baba ganoush instead of a whole container. Also, the fruit and nuts are self serve, as are the olives.