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middle eastern/ mediterranean- massis bakery in watertown

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anyone been here?? what can you recommend?? saw it in today's globe. sounds more like a deli than a bakery. how's the hummus?? do they make sandwiches?? desserts??

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  1. Check this thread about the Armenian stores in Watertown. Lots of good info, but more on Arax and Sevan.


    I like Massis' olive bar the best. Also have a decent, inexpensive selection of spices.

    1. I like Arax better, myself, although Massis does have pre-made felafel balls you can purchase individually, IIRC.

      1. I love the veggie grape leaves at Sevan Bakery down the street. They don't taste like anyone else's, and they are worth a detour. Also Great baba ganoush!

        1. I was there last year; spent at least an hour and much $$$ buying wonderful middle eastern food; several types of feta cheese and other prepared foods. It's a schlep from NH but I do plan to go again.

          1. Sevan gets my vote. The people at Massis are always in a bad mood and the folks at Sevan are always super-friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Sevan also wins in my book because I like the fact that the food isn't prepackaged so that I can get 4 grape leaves instead of 12 and one scoop of baba ganoush instead of a whole container. Also, the fruit and nuts are self serve, as are the olives.

            1. All three stores are wonderful and I've been going to them for many years, but Massis is my first stop. Parking is easier, the shop is less crowded, and I find the owners very friendly. I love the olive bar, the herbs and spices, the selection of 5 or 6 fetas, the choice of olive oils (greek, lebanese, syrian,etc), the nuts and dried fruit...but where they excel over Arax and Sevan (and Eastern Lamejune) is in the amazing variety of sweet and savory baked goods (they are first and foremost a bakery). They carry a whole wheat pita from Montreal that I've not seen at the other stores...but they don't have as much fresh produce.

              I just wish they could put some tables and chairs on the sidewalk so we could enjoy a cake and some of that coffee you often get a whiff of from the kitchen.....