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Aug 23, 2006 09:11 PM

Best Veal Chop in L.A. not in a steak house-style restaurant?

I'm a newbie hounder (I didn't know this site existed until a couple weeks ago) and I'm fast becoming an here's a challenge...where's the best veal chop outside of a steak house type restaurant? This is one of my favorite dinners..but I find I'm getting disappointed lately...had a terrible one at Marino's on Melrose a couple months ago, had an o.k. one at Ca Brea one week, and then a god-awful one two weeks later...and if you know of a good with a good price sing out!!! So far, of late, my very best was at Pane e Vino on Beverly, absolutely superb, all the way around...(and I think it was a decent price too), and the runner-up was at La Scala in B.H., hold the sauce and the fried onions, just plain grilled.
Anyone have any surprises lurking out there?

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  1. PASTINA Trattoria
    Veal Chop ,Call first to make sure they haven't sold out.
    Best NY Cheesecake in town.
    Favorite dish lately is Stuffed Swordfish (Prosciutto & Fontina Cheese)

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    1. re: russkar

      How funny - I just drove by this place last night and wondered who ate there, and what went on inside. Now I know - it's you, and it's veal chop and cheesecake going on! QED.

      It never strikes to amaze me how many neighborhood upscale Italian spots LA can support. Maybe because we have lots of upscale neighborhoods! :-)

      I never hear the place mentioned along with say, Il Moro or any of the Drago spots. Similar, or more neighborhood, or what?

      1. re: russkar

        HELP!! I"m dying to go here now..but where is it...I can't seem to find a listing for it?!?

        1. re: cimero

          it's on westwood blvd. a couple blocks north of olympic. Pastina Trattoria.

          they also do a great lobster fra diavolo, great flet mignon in cognac sauce. chocolate macadamia tart, and their tiramisu and thin crust italianate pizzas are not too shabby either.

          still cheaper than some of the more high falutin italian restuarants around town.

          1. re: kevin

            Pastina Trattoria
            2260 Westwood Bl
            LA, 90064
            310 441 4655
            (between Pico and Olympic)

      2. It's not exactly a steakhouse, although they do steaks and chops very well, but Dan Tana's on Santa Monica has a terrific veal chop - plus you get that groovy Dean Martin vibe too. Of course, they make a mean martini as well....

        1. I had one of the best veal chops of my life at REPUBLIC, on La Cienega. Lord, it was amazing.

          it was the Veal Porterhouse from the Mesquite Grill. The atmosphere is not steakhouse at all.

          LUCQUES often has a terrific one as well, though it currently does not seem to be on the menu. I imagine it will reappear this fall:

          1. I vote for the chop at Madeo's on Beverly Blvd, West Hollwood.