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Aug 23, 2006 08:48 PM

Water Grill is it good?

Staying at the the Biltmore this weekend. How is the Water Grill?



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  1. One of my faves, make to sure to try the prix-fixe dessert menu if you want to end your dinner with a flourish.

    1. Checker's across the street is good.
      Cafe Pinot around the corner, for outside dining.
      If you like Sushi take a Cab to Sushi Gen.

      1. It's very good - was just there last weekend. Hits were the crab cake app, salmon entree, rare tuna entree, and the chocolate bread pudding (really more of a very dense cake) was simply insane. In a good way. Lots of good dessert wines, too, if that excites you.


        1. yes, definitely a good place for seafood. probably the city's best, outside of the asian varieties

          1. I would say it has declined somewhat since chef Michael Cimarusti left to start his own restaurant. I ate lunch there some months ago and had a horrible service experience -- food was late, late, late, headwaiter apologized, apologized, apologized and finally just gave up coming around. Probably this was a fluke experience, though. I have had good food there before and after Cimarusti left, but it was better before.