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Aug 23, 2006 07:29 PM

Trip to Monterey/Carmel/Pacific Grove...Saturday night dinner requests

My folks are coming town to watch my brother run the Pacific Grove Triathalon and we want to celebrate with a nice dinner. Price range from $20-25 for an entree. Totally open to cuisine, but since they are from the Midwest, seafood or California cuisine might be nice. I would love to show them a great time and have some wonderful food. I'll be looking at threads later, but would appreciate any advice.

By the way, also planning on having some brunch in Monterey on Sunday morning, so those suggestions are so appreciated too!

Thanks mucho

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  1. Passionfish in Pacific Grove has long been a favorite of mine. It is located in Pacific Grove and is a great quiet casual dining room. This should fit the bill for your seafood and California cuisine. Here is their website:

    Enjoy and report back!

    a sante,

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      I have a love-hate thing with Passionfish. The food is quite good; the wine list is excellent. But while the front room is nice, the back is kind of a dump, and no matter where I've sat I've felt a little like I was being rushed through a dining factory to make room for the next guest.

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        there is more than one 'back' room at Passionfish (really they are side rooms), and I like them better than the front room, because they tend to be quieter. The view (of a gas station) is nothing to write home about, I will admit..

        and I've never felt rushed, totally agree with Curtis' recommendation...

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      1. Passionfish. Be sure to make a reservation, which can now be done by email through their website.

        1. Passionfish is good but I prefer Robert's White House in Pacific Grove. I found the quality of the food a little bit better than at Passionfish and ambience much better. I found Passionfish much too crowded and the tables are too close to each other. The White House was much more relaxing.

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            Robert's White House is more elegant and quieter, and the cuisine is richer using more butter and cream. The menu tends more toward European preparations. Vegetables are expertly cooked. Plates are beautiful, but the wine list is limited and more expensively priced than PF. If available, the cold artichoke soup is unbelievable.

            Passionfish has a greater emphasis on seafood and (to my mind at least) the dishes and presentations are more original and interesting. More dishes with Asian inspiration or flavor touches. Outstanding appetizers and salads. Wine list is interesting, extensive, and well selected and wines are priced just above retail. I, like susancinsf, prefer the quieter side rooms with the view of the Shell station.

            On my last trip to the peninsula, I had one dinner at Robert's and two at Passionfish. They are both fine choices.


          2. Favorite breakfast/brunch place is First Awakenings in the outlet mall across from the Aquarium. They have a great patio, too.


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              My favorite breakfast spot - particularly on weekends - would be Tico's in Marina though that is a few miles from PG.