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Blue on Highland, new restaurant in Needham

Any reviews of this new restaurant in Needham?

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  1. A friend went lst week and said it was good. She also said it is owned by Steve Tyler????

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      Yes, this is his second Blue. The first is in Marshfield.

    2. Pretty good, menu is safe modern/Italian. Nothing daring, nothing to offend and thus nothing to get excited about either. Enjoyed the goat cheese appetizer. Had Halibut special; love the tri-color orzo!

      Solid meal in a warm, interesting and lively space. Main dining area could use some accoustical attenuation, very loud despite the carpet. A few ceiling-hung panels hung would probably do the trick and soften the big volume too.

      Friend's tagliatelle was undercooked, enough so that she sent it back.

      Will go back and E A T more!

      1. Where on Highland? Is it open for lunch?

        Google indicates Tyler is associated with Mount Blue restaurant in Norwell.

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          I don't know the number but it's in Needham Heights on the corner where the old Heights Pharmacy was; same block as Starbucks, Needham Town Pizza and Cafe Fresh Bagel (near Trader Joe's).

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            Cool, right down the street. Will drive by during lunch hours soon to see if it's open.

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              If you notice it is open for lunch, see if you can spy the menu prices. Although what Needham needs is some lower priced lunch options.

              My question about this place, do they have a liquor license?

            1. I ate at blue a couple nights ago and thought that the food was average but the atmosphere was worth the trip. the bar scene is unlike any other bar in Needham. At times i had to remind myself that I was in Needham. I had the lobster ravioli and at $18 thought they were quite tasty and gave a generous amount of lobster. the crab cakes needed less salt but were packed with crab meat. As far as the salads go.. Salad is Salad. the goat cheese ball was tasty enough for me. Blue isnt as much about the food as it is about the atmosphere. the open windows are a nice touch and I will definitely be back when there is live music

              1. Blue on Highland:
                Visited there on a Sunday night. No wait. Comfortable place. Bar seems out of place in Needham, but welcoming and probably the best bar, per se, in Needham. Restaurant is way too noisy.
                My wife had the featured ravioli. She loved it. I had the Chicken Marsala. It lacked flavor and was served lukewarm. My wife's comment on her salad speaks for itself. "Here we are in the midst of tomato season, with home-growns galore, and they serve box-cart tomatoes." The bread, hardly worth the calories. The main windows onto the street were open (But no Sonsi!)for awhile, then closed. Maybe on a nice summer eve the open front might take on more "ambience." The service was excellent. The prices are modest enough. Certainly not over-priced. Anyway, thought I would return and did on a Tuesday night. Noisy as can be. Forty-five minute wait for a table for two. We did no wait.

                1. Hello everyone,
                  I met some friends for dinner at the new restaurant,
                  Blue on Highland in Needham. I can honestly tell you that I will not be running back and my pals had the same reaction.
                  Sure it's a great idea to open the windows on nice days for that Newbury Street atmosphere but that is where the fun ends. The food was unimaginative, service rushed and it was VERY LOUD. You could not here yourself think , let alone talk with friends or, for that matter, place your order.
                  We don't understand why people would waste 45 minutes of their lives to be seated in this overpriced, over-rated eatery!
                  My opinion is, don't bother going. Those who own this place, ought to do something quick before the novelty ends and
                  and they lose customers. Oh, by the way, what's up with the water? I've never drank grainy water before and the Pesto sauce, well a dentist could use it to painlessly remove teeth.

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                    "and the Pesto sauce, well a dentist could use it to painlessly remove teeth"

                    I don't get what this means.

                  2. Man I used to buy slush puppies at that pharmacy when I was a kid. I can't believe there is a trendy (ish?) restuarant there now

                    1. Hi there,
                      The pesto sauce/paste had a numbing sensation to it. We couldn't figure it out. I sure hope this place doesn't overwhelm Indigos in Needham. I have a much better appreciation of that place now. I think the draw to Blue is the large bar, other than that there's not much to talk about. I am actually embarrassed I recommended it to friends. They all said the same thing, loud and obnoxious.

                      1. I am always a little cynical when a post is very negative on one restaurant and overly positive on another restaurant when they are competitors. I have been to both Blue on Highland and Indigo in Needham. They both have positive and negative qualities. Blue is lively, not a place you go for an intimate dinner whereas Indigo is much quieter. The entrees at Blue are in the $9 to $18 range. Is that high? The quality of food at both restaurants is as good as it gets for the suburbs in both restaurants. The bar at Blue is lively and large. You can eat at the bar, Indigo has a smaller bar that fits 6 to 8 people. the service at Blue has been great the 3 times I have been there. The service at Indigo was slow. Overall, they are both very good and it really depends on your personal preference for atmosphere.

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                          I went to Blue on Thursday evening with 5 friends. We had read all the reviews and were dying to try it out plus it looked interesting from the outside. I had sent a friend there the week before and she told me that she would not be returning. I felt the same way after I went. For one thing the noise level was incredible. The TV and the piped-in music were competing loudly. The accoustics need work. The sound level from all the people made you feel like you were at a ball game. Even the waiter was annoyed because we couldn't hear him announcing the specials.I can't imagine what's going to happen when they bring in live music. We waited 45 minutes to be seated and then we were rushed through the meal. The lobster raviolis were rubbery( much better at Paparazzi's)and the salmon was mediocre at best. Very limited wine list. The only thing we liked was the calamari. I think the draw is the bar and the novelty of a place like that in Needham. It was standing room only at the bar. I guess all of Needham has been waiting for a watering hole. Believe me we are a group that loves to have a good time. It reminded me of a dating bar for aging baby boomers(of which I am one). Not only that but one of the bar patrons(another fellow baby boomer) followed us outside and began to talk about the aspect of it being a great pickup place. He didn't use those words to put it mildly, so we all made a quick exit. I guess we were expecting something a little better because of all the hype. Indigos and the Blue are apples and oranges that's for sure. I have no ties to Indigo. Quinces(sp)is our next place to try.

                        2. Overall I'm completely unimpressed. As everyone has stated it is extremely loud. I never like restaurants with full carpeted floors and the furniture belongs in an nicer hospital cafeteria. I like the large window but the full view of the Shell gas station is not so nice.

                          I ordered a nightly special, Risotto with andouille and shrimp. I had to have my dinner companion try is because I was sure the andouille sausage was actually hotdog. He agreed.

                          I won't be returning.