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Aug 23, 2006 06:50 PM

dish involving chicken, pine nuts, pita, pomegranate....?

A while ago I read on this site about this dish. The chicken is served over torn up pieces of pita, I believe, maybe with pomegranate syrup drizzled over it all...? I wanted to try it but now I can't find it! Does anyone know what it's called? It is of Middle Eastern origin.

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  1. The dish I'm familiar with is chicken with onions, sumac & pita torn up. Also one with pomegranate and walnuts - Iranian. Let me know if either of those are what you are talking about and I'll find or post a recipe.

    1. Is it greedy to want both?
      Thanks so much.

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      1. re: melon

        No it is not - I'll find the link now the Sumac one, but won't be able to post the other until tomorrow. M

          1. re: MMRuth

            That sumac chicken sounds delicious. Chicken, onions, and bread--mmmm.

            I've got a recipe for the walnut-pomegranite chicken--


            but I'd love pointers to other versions, too--it's one of my favorites.

            1. re: gorboduc

              That recipe is pretty much the same as the one I have - and I've not actually cooked it - this fall I'll have to give it a try!

      2. This is my most favorite dish at Lebanese Taverna here in DC. Don't recall the name, but it is delish!

          1. Musakhkhan

            You are actually asking about a Palestinian dish called Musakhkhan.