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Aug 23, 2006 06:48 PM

Multipart Tucson Question

Hi there,

Will be in Tucson for biz this weekend. Couple of questions:

1) Any Tucsonian dish specialities I need to try?

2) Any Hungarian restaurants in the area?

3) Anything I should not miss?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Vlad,

    I am about 120 miles up the road from Tucson in Phoenix, so I can't give you a full answer to every question, but when I do travel to Tucson, I make sure to have Carne Seca. It is a Tucson favorite that is not to be missed. Shredded beef is seasoned, cooked and then allowed to dry in the sun. Then, it is reconstituted and used as fillings for tacos or enchiladas or served with flour tortillas. It has a deep, smokey, rich flavor and it outstanding.

    I love El Minuto Cafe for it, but there are several other places in town to try it including El Charro Cafe.

    It really is a dish that screams "Tucson."

    1. There are several old threads about Tucson you can search for on this board, and most of the advice is still valid. Be sure not to miss Poco Cosa!

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      1. re: Claudette

        According to my sources, Cafe Poca Cosa recently moved to 110 E Pennington St Tucson, AZ. Much of the web still shows their old Broadway address. When in doubt, call them at (520) 622-6400

        1. re: johnseberg

          Cafe Poca Cosa did move. It's located on the ground floor of a new parking garage at the east end of downtown Tucson. I haven't gottn in yet, but reports are that the food is better than ever, and the location is much improved.

          I know of no Hungarian food in Tucson. As far as local specialties go, Tucson's claim to fame is the chimichanga. El Charro's are good, as are El Minuto's. Age and a weak esophagus have taken me out of the game, but you won't go wrong at either place.

      2. Fish tacos at Taqueria Pico de Gallo...approximately 32ndSt. on 6th Ave. Have a fabulous fruit cup also that's sprinkled with chile/lime/salt