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Aug 23, 2006 06:32 PM

Need a Fun, Festive, Casual Place for a group in PALO ALTO!

Having a group of 8 people getting together for just FUN DRINK and CHAT -- festive group... Casual is fine even. Anyone who can refer us to a great Mexican type place on the Palo Alto strip maybe? Heat lamps, patio, maybe even MARIACHI music? We would love a good authentic CAL MEX place maybe with live music or if not just nice ambience, and NOT COSTLY!

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  1. I haven't been for years, but Compadres on El Camino (a few blocks down from Page Mill toward San Antonio) was a favorite after work watering hole for margaritas, chips and appetizers. The patio has heat lamps. As for whether it is "authentic CAL MEX" I really couldn't say.

    1. Compadres food is not really that great, but the atmostphere is what you are looking for. The other place that has the patio like that is Celia's. Food is better than Compadres IMO, but not as good as many other Mexican places in the area. I prefer Palo Alto Sol for a casual mex place (that is in Palo Alto), but it is really small.