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Aug 23, 2006 06:29 PM

Wanted: Best Local Joint for LARGE Crabs and Beer.

Anyone know of a neighborhood bar or tap room that serves BIG crabs? I know there are places in town that have a weekly all you can eat night.I went to one in the northeast and needed a magnifying glass to see the little buggers. I don't want to go to Di Nardo's. If you suggest a place, please report on your personal experience,the size, deliciousness and quality, good or bad of the crabs.

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  1. i'd like to know too....though I posted on the mid-atlantic board about a place called Grabbe's over the bridge in Westville NJ. no feedback but i hear they are famous for their crabs.

    1. I've been wondering about Callahan's on South Street (at around 27th). It's a dive bar but some friends say the food is surprisingly good. They've got a sign about a crab night on Wednesdays I think.

      1. Hate to say it, ya'll... but I am serious crab lover (and a Chesapeake native) and I seriously think truly great crabs just don't exist in Philly.

        That said, fortunately we are within a close drive of the Maryland border. Some of my favorites are the Wellwood in Charlestown and Dead Eye Dicks in Kent Narrows, but I am sure the MD Board would have some more convenient suggestions.

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          That's what I figured and will be steaming my own bad boys chez moi. Thanks for tips everyone.

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            I'm planning on buying and steaming my own crabs for Sunday dinner. Any recommendations on where to buy them? I live near City Avenue, but will go anywhere.

            1. re: susan1353

              You can purchase crabs at the Italian Market. Plenty of stalls will have available by the bushel, or count 'em out, as many as you want..