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Aug 23, 2006 06:22 PM

Foodie moving to Danforth and Greenwood

Hello, my wife and I are moving to Danforth and Greenwood. We are not at all familiar with this area and would love some foodie suggestions.

- Good local bar to catch a drink
- Local in-the-know restaurants

I appreciate whatever suggestions you can offer. The site of the many cheap pizza joints along Danforth near my new place depresses me.


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  1. Bibiche Bistro
    Niche Cafe
    Sarah's for beer, not food
    3's Company
    Ten Feet Tall (drinks, too)
    Little India restaurants, on Gerrard btwn Greenwood and Coxwell
    Sakawaya (Japanese) at Jones/Dforth
    Relish (at Woodbine)
    Hargrave pub

    1. I used to live in this area, and there are a few places to eat. I would caution against Ten Feet Tall (mentioned above) for food, as when I went there the food was nothing inspiring and overpriced.

      Agree with Little India, Sarah's (again for beer, not food), 3's company.

      If you like Carribean or Trini food, there is a place called D&D Trini Style on the North side of Gerrard, just west of Greenwood. They have amazing doubles, and their goat roti is very good too.

      You are also not to far from the Danforth. A few restaurants there, obviously.

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      1. re: neuf

        i always drive by sarahs, is any food there worth getting?

        1. re: hungryabbey

          If it's food you're after, go to Ten Feet Tall (despite neuf's opinion). I've eaten there a ton of times and never been disappointed, or felt that the prices were out of line. Yes, the food is simple, but it's also well-prepared and fresh, something that can't be said for Sarah's.

          1. re: Sweet Pea

            I seem to be in the minority regarding Ten Feet Tall. Perhaps I owe them another chance. I've only been once, and I ordered blackened catfish, which was OK, but I was kind of thrown of when I saw the same thing pre-made at Loblaws.

          2. re: hungryabbey

            The best thing I can say about Sarah's was that when I pointed out that the fruit salad accompanying my brunch was fermenting they walked to Jerry's and bought some grapes and strawberries and made me a new salad.

        2. Danforth Dragon, Danforth and Jones - Hakka Chinese.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Lee's Thai Spring Rolls (just past Coxwell) is good, and as depressed as you are by the pizza joints you are now in the delivery region for Bona Pizza which is delicious.
              I like Europe Planet (also just past Coxwell) for their pastas and pizza but find them really slow so if you order take-out add 15 minutes to the time they tell you it will be ready. The food isn't innovative but it is yummy comfort food.

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              1. re: hoagy294

                Beside Europe Planet is "Columbos" which makes a really damned good veal sandwich! Cheap, and they deliver. Last weekend a pal and I tried the "rice ball" from there which was also cheesy goodness!

                1. re: Joshman

                  I'd have to second that. My boyfriend used to live around the corner from Colombo's. He used to live on their veal sandwiches and rice balls when he was a 'bachelor'. Very hearty and absolutely delicious. They also have huge panzerottos. There used to be an amazing Thai/Malaysian place called Jean's Fine Food Catering which was my 'gold' standard but very sadly they are no longer in business - i still have cravings for their authentic pad thai and lakhsa.

                  I also agree with Danforth Dragon - the chili fish is yummy but hot! And we always order the Spicy egg rolls which has a curried ground pork filling with peas - a hakka dish.

                  For bars - the 'Court Jester' is a great neighbourhood pub near Danforth and Pape. They have good service - for example, they will automatically divide the bill into sections when you are in a group. The food is surprisingly good for a bar - sweet potatoe fries with wasabi mayo, specials like prime rib or roast duck at a reasonable price. They have darts in the back which is a fun way to while away a Friday night.

                  You can also travel down to Queen - into Leslieville (my neighbourhood). For the occasional brunch - Eddie Levesque's Kitchen is a fun and funky place (just east of Queen and Leslie). They have gourmet twists on classics with a retro/trendy type interior.

                  A good bet for hearty home cooking we go to is Tulip's - just east of Coxwell on Queen. It's a no frills steak place/diner/family restaurant but be prepared for a bit of a lineup during busy periods. Steaks are a good value but don't expect fancy sides or good wine. Their daily specials are always good - but some sell out if you go too late. The hot sandwiches are also delicious and huge - the hot beef sandwich and the open faced turkey.

                  Also - don't forget 'old' Chinatown on Gerrard/Broadview. It's not what is used to be but you can still get some decent dim sum on the weekends and we are regulars at the Vietnamese restaurant on Gerrard (Xe Lua with the Train on the sign). For $20 you can get dinner for two - try the vermicelli dishes with grilled beef/pork/chicken, spring rolls, etc or the rare beef rice noodle soup. The rice dishes with grilled meat are also good. There are also the old standby Chinese BBQ takeouts on the Broadview strip below Gerrard if you are fans of BBQ / roast pork / soy sauce chicken.

                  Welcome to the neighbourhood and don't be afraid to try something a little different!