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Paper Moon Diner - Balto

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I'm going tonight around 7. What should I get?

I hear good things about an espresso milkshake.



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  1. "I'm going tonight around 7. What should I get?"

    As far away as possible.


    1. LOL!!!
      But yes, go somewhere else, Dizzy Issies is right around the corner!

      1. Relax, nobody has asked him if he'll be hammered by 7. Then it is a good option

        1. Mccabes is around there too right on Falls, their crab cakes are solid

          1. You should really go someplace else.

            The food is pretty awful, and the place non too clean. The servers are a little strange as well.

            1. FYI, I'm meeting up with a couple (dirty) college buddies, going to Ottobar afterwards.

              1. I agree with the rest. Its not worth the trip unless its three am and your drunk. Dizzy izzies is a good suggestion, excellent burgers.

                1. I generally stick to the omelettes. They're not the best, but decent. Burgers aren't good at all.

                  I tend to agree with those who find it a far better option for after going to the Ottobar than before,

                  1. I wound up getting a turkey burger, fries, and a diet coke. My buddy got the monte cristo and we shared the fried ravioli. The turkey burger was a bit underwhelming but not awful and the fries were ok. I found the ravioli to be tasty but the sauce on the side was watery. It looked like the monte cristo was good.

                    We didn't find the place to be dirty at all. It did look like they were refinishing (or at least really cleaning) the floor in one of the dining rooms.

                    The service, once we got some was good. I was sitting there at least five minutes before the waitress showed up (we were sitting at the counter) but once she took our order, everything moved like clockwork. I think we were asked three times each for a drink refill.

                    I'd go back but try the omelet or some non-burger sandwich.