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Aug 23, 2006 05:52 PM

reds Bistro

Anyone heard anything new about reds? Was looking at taking a client there for dinner.

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  1. I don't recall seeing any review on reds since their new Executive Chef, Michael Steh, joined them around the beginning of June. If you do go perhaps you could tell us what you think.

    1. Ihave just been looking at this place for a 40th employment anniversary dinner.

      Someone recommended it but didn't give many details..the post is still up. I would love tohear more about it!


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      1. re: j2brady

        I frequent Reds for drinks and nibblies only. I would NOT recommend the place for such a special occasion as a 4oth anniversary.

        The room itself is in no way romantic -- the tables are too big so you are far away from each other, and there are way too many tables. From my experience, it is a place that business people go after work for drinks -- a bit loud, largish groups of people.

      2. I agree with MickeyJ, I go there for bevies only. The food is not great, there are several other places to go within the area that is much better.

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        1. re: mtampoya

          Could you suggest some??

          I am trying to find a place for someone who seems to have something rather specific. Not too shi shi but shi shi enough to have a considerable budget as, of course, the bill is on the company.

          Needs to be in TO and open for lunch. I have already suggested Splendido, Susur, Auberge, Rain, JK Wine Bar.


        2. I would avoid Rain. Service is average at best. Auberge is a winner. Give Vertical a try, we had a great lunch there last week

          1. Auberge is great but it is a bit of a hike (Yoneg & 401). JKWB is great and chowhound people love it! I really like sen5es in the metro hotel. Going there tonight. I love the place and the prices are decent (still pricey but not as high). There is also Brassai at King & Spadina. If it is a nice day, you can sit on the patio. Also decently priced. Hope this helps ;)