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Need BEVERLY CENTER dinner rec's.....nothing fancy

cupcake Aug 23, 2006 05:48 PM

I'm meeting two people for the first time, and we're going to shop and eat. Has anyone tried Grand Lux? The restaurant we go to has to be right in the Center, or like a block away. Nothing expensive, like Jar. These women are simple folk. Thanks in advance!

  1. Dommy Aug 23, 2006 05:55 PM

    Grand Lux is fine, think Cheesecake Factory, but different menu...

    If you wanna save your chow cred however, taken them a few blocks down 3rd to Doughboys... Much better food and they tout on their table menus that Oprah LOVES their red velvelt... that always impresses the simple folk... ;)


    1. i
      igj Aug 23, 2006 07:18 PM

      Another casual idea nearby: Bread Bar. The sandwiches - made with very good bread - are not too expensive and are a very good option. Sandwiches are around $9-11. Breadbar also has good salads in the same price range.

      8718 W. 3rd Street

      1. s
        skwasha Aug 23, 2006 10:26 PM

        I'd recommend Cafe Angelino on 3rd. About a block and a half west of the Bev Center. Not too fancy, not too expensive, decent italian.

        1. Bob Brooks Aug 23, 2006 10:58 PM

          Dominick's is not far and very reasonably priced. In the Beverly Center you have Gaucho Grill, which is okay for a cheap steak or grilled chicken.

          Up a block or so on La Cienega is Le Petit Cafe, probably about the same price point as Grand Lux but much better food.

          Across the street on La Cienega is a Daily Grill; not my cup of tea but, if you like it, it's there.

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          1. re: Bob Brooks
            ITurnedOutTV Aug 23, 2006 11:05 PM

            FYI, Daily Grill is closed during construction at the Beverly Connection: http://dailygrill.zgraph.net/location...

          2. s
            slacker Aug 23, 2006 11:09 PM

            Went for the first and only time to a Grand Lux in Chicago, before the one here opened. Had very low expectations since it's brought to us by the cheesecake factory folks. But it wasn't bad at all, in fact some of it was pretty good.

            Personally, I wouldn't want to be a pedestrian around that area, barely want to drive around that area. I'm an Eastsider and hate all the westside traffic ridiculousness.

            1. h
              Hackenbush Aug 23, 2006 11:12 PM

              I've eaten many times at the Grand Lux Cafe and would never hesitate to dine there. Try the pot roast.

              1. p
                pkpk Aug 24, 2006 12:12 AM

                There are a ton of places if you walk east on 3rd from the Bev Center.With all the great spots I wouldn't eat at the Center. You have Mishima (Japanese) good, causal, in small strip mall on 3rd just east from La Cienaga. Zen Grill (not my favorite, but the people seem to like it). Joan's on Third maybe perfect, it is around Kings Road and 3rd, European Deli with great gourmet salads and sandwichs, wonderful sweet treats. Farther down, Who's on Third (Salads, sandwiches), Doughboys (salads, sandwiches, great sweets, red velvet: great) Alfredos.

                There is so much in this area, you should be able to satisfy any craving you all have. FYI Bread Bar is great, it is in the other direction then the listed above (west on Third) The omlettes are amazing. But know that is is only open for breakfast and lunch, I believe and the menu is mostly Bread.

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                1. re: pkpk
                  Devourer Aug 24, 2006 12:29 AM

                  I've been to the Beverly Center Grand Lux Cafe a couple of times and it's not my favorite (I think the one in Vegas had better quality food, for the purposes of comparison). If you're looking for something "safe," it's okay, but there are better options recommended in this thread. Friend ordered their fresh baked cookies for desert on his birthday, and they were overdone and not significantly better than something from the grocery store.

                  If you're in the mood for Japanese food, I second Mishima. I usually get the soba and donburi (rice bowl) combo, and my GF likes their udon noodles. My personal favorite is the pork donburi (mixture of egg, onions and miso-marinated pork on top of rice). Parking is a total pain, but it's close enough to walk (maybe not by LA standards... it's a couple of blocks away?)

                2. p
                  pkpk Aug 24, 2006 12:17 AM

                  Just reread your post. You said dinner. Joan's is open till 8. Who's On Third and Alfredo's Breakfast/lunch only. Everything else should be fine. And Joan's can be pricy for what it is. There is a Chipotle in the Bev Center near Grand Lux that is great.

                  1. n
                    nimo Aug 24, 2006 12:19 AM

                    Third Stop across from Cedars Sinai on 3rd Street. Tasty, reasonably priced small plates, and nice drinks if you feel like imbibing.

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