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Aug 23, 2006 05:43 PM

Burger Wars

Ok, the Tioli's post has me thinking. Interested to know your top 5 San Diego Burgers.

Here is my Top 5.

1. Rocky's
2. Hodads
3. Liar's Club
4. O’Brian’s
5. Danny's Palm Bar

Did not include the numerous gourmet burgers that seem to be gaining popularity lately.


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  1. What USED to be the top burger in SD was the one served at dearly departed Montanas on University. But that is no help.

    1. Haven't been to Rocky's yet. I've also heard good things about a place in La Jolla called Jeff's Burgers, but have yet to make it there. Cafe 910's burger is served at a gourmet place, but isn't particularly gourmet in and of itself, so I'm including it.

      1. Cafe 910
      2. The Linkery
      3. Hodad's
      4. Liars' Club
      5. O'Brien's

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      1. re: Josh

        910 and The Linkery have made my "need to try the burger" list. Thanks, I have been to both, never thought to order a burger.