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Bistro? St Denis?!

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Hello all.

I'm visiting Montreal in a few weeks. I've been there a few times before but not for a while now.

Does anybody recognise the restaurant: I went to an amazing bistro-style restaurant about 2 years ago, and it was a real treat. I *think* it was on St.Denis, maybe close to Sherbrooke? It was mainly white inside (that's a vague recollection!) - it was French bistro style food. The thing I remember that you people might recognise, was one of the desserts - it was a sponge pudding in a large white bowl, with lots of custard, and on top of the sponge was a toffee shell. It was amazing! I want to go back there, but I really don't remember what the restaurant was, or even if I have the correct location!

Any suggestions where this place is?!


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  1. L'Express 3927 Rue St. Denis (514) 845-5333
    it has to be this. and if it isn't I suggest it!

    1. Good call! I think you are right! And now I've searched the restaurant on google, I found that they do a dessert called "Island Float" or something like that (that's my french translaction anyways!) - and I'm sure that's the dessert I remember!

      Thanks :D

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        If not L'Express (which does sometimes serve Île flottante), it was probably Cocagne www.bistro-cocagne.com

        Do you remember which side of the street it was on? L'Express is on the east side (the right, heading north from Sherbrooke), Cocagne on the west (the left).

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          I'm pretty sure it was on the East side (I remember walking up hill, and the restaurant being on the right hand side). It does sound like L'Express - but I can't find a web-site for the restaurant, so I can't be 100% sure.

      2. I've had that dessert, a bit too sweet for me, I always rather the crème brulée!

        1. Here's a profile of L'Express, incl. a (small) photo, address and hours of business etc. Hope this helps.

          1. I wouldn't say L'Express is all white inside.

            1. It could also be Le café Cherrier because it is right there when you go up the hill. It has a terrace outside, which l'Express doesn't have.

              1. I vote for L'Express. Their ile flottante (baked alaska?) has an enormous bowl-shaped toffee shell on top. Definitely fits the description above.

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                  >>ile flottante (baked alaska?)<<

                  They're entirely different animals.

                  Baked Alaska: liquor-soaked sponge cake topped with a mound of ice cream that's covered with meringue and baked until the merigne colours. May be flambéed at the table.

                  Île flottante/floating island: sweetened egg whites cooked in a bain marie, unmolded onto/into custard cream and traditionally topped with caramel.