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Aug 23, 2006 05:30 PM

The Tortilla Factory in Herndon

Several people told me to visit the Tortilla Factory in Herndon considering I'm from Texas and I'm in need of some good Mexican food...not good at all. The refried beans was very bland, had to salt my food constantly. The cheese enchiladas were very scarce nothing inside at all and the tacos so so greasy. I do not recommend this place. I am still on the hunt for edible Mexican!!!!

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  1. It's a throwback place from decades ago when you couldn't find any other near-mexican place, especially in Herndon. By the time I arrived in 99 there were better choices, but it was good in it's own way. IMO, it's fallen since then quite a bit, but it has its fans.

    For tacquerias in the Herndon/Reston area, I repost my list for you. For more sit down affairs, you might need to head closer to town and/or opt for Salvadoran or Peruvian.

    - The taco truck on Rt 7 near Baron Cameron
    - Lakeside cafe in Lake Anne (the steak is incredible)
    - The mercado in the parking lot of Lake Anne (though service stinks here)
    - The place in the Sterling clock tower (same goes for service - but there are tables)
    - The market behind the McD's on Elden - near Teocalli
    - He's been spotty this year, but on Sundays at South Lakes park there's a truck for the soccer games
    - There's a truck on South Lakes but on the west side of Reston Pkwy but it's there at night so the guy lives there - not sure yet where he sets up during the day. Las Delicias is written on the side.

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      I should also point out that al fresco dining at tables is available at Lakeside cafe, which on a reasonable night temperature wise is a delight.

    2. Oh I agree it's horrible...who told you to go there?! Anyways...I don't know of any good places in Herndon for Mexican...not much happening in that town. But if you want to come closer the Court House/Rosslyn area there is a place called Guajillo (pronounced Wa-Hee-Yo)'s a little place and I really enjoy the food. The staff is very friendly as well...always a plus! I like the Botanas platter...which is a sampling of flautas, sope, tamal and taco. The mojitos are big and excellent! Their Mole Poblano has been written up in Washingtonian Magazine...but I have yet to try it.

      There is another place in Arlington called Taqueria El Poblano...I actually have not been there but have read several good reviews.

      I also like Mexicali Blues for their pupusas and shrimp enchiladas.

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        With all due respect, Herndon has a lot going on for its size and is quickly becoming more loaded with good finds than my former beloved Arlington which is turning to chains. Even The Deli in Herndon beats out Italian Store, imo (get the Hot Sicilian and you'll never be tempted by the IS again).

        As far as the recs, while they are good, the OP should probably let us know if they want something aimed more for an urban US taste or more for the latino community, the recs from Aliant are good for the former (as well as Rio Grande either in Reston or in Ballston), the list I provided for Herndon/Reston is for the latter.

        In Arlington for the latter, there is TECC on Wash Blvd, the place on Columbia Pike (east of Walter Reed) in the parking lot of the CVS (a couple of tables available), La Union (check Steve's posts for this), and a few trucks - though none of the trucks stack up to TECC or the place by CVS.

        A place in the middle of that range has apparently gone downhill but is the one on Wilson just west of Ballston at the bottom of the hill - sorry can't remember the name.

        Oh, and one full service place that is also in the middle of the range but out west a bit more is La Tolteca which is on 123 just south of George Mason. I'm not a fan of mole, but have friends who rank it extremely high for the entire region.

        Again, too, for full Salvadoran or Peruvian, that would be another thread - again with plenty of choices in both Herndon/Reston and Arlington -for that matter all over.

        Lastly, there is "Little Mexico" over in Bladensburg, but I think you got that info on a thread a few weeks back, and there are other places scattered all over, such as Pepitos I & II, the taco truck on Columbia Rd, and many more.