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Aug 23, 2006 05:28 PM

El Gallo Giro (The Champion Rooster), SJ-anyone try it yet?--sounds like a winner

El Gallo Giro (The Champion Rooster) is a Southern Calif. Mexican taqueria chain that sounds like a winner, and now open in SJ, coming soon one in Oakland. Anyone try it?

They have carnitas, tacos, tortas, burritos, Guisados (stews of the day), tamales, antojitos & other traditional Mexican specialties. They have a restaurant, bakery, aguas fresca bar, tortilla factory (made fresh there).

El Gallo Giro
1720 Story Rd Ste 20 (in the new Target shopping center)
San Jose CA 95122


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Despite gritting my teeth about another Mexican chain, when I looked at the website it really does look interesting.

    Since this is a chain, I posted the question about it over there so your post could be used as a pointer to that board.

    Here's the question on the Chains board

    I don't always look at the chain board and don't look at the posts for unfamiliar restaurants, so I never would have known this was coming if I saw a post on that board about it. Thanks again.

    1. Here's a news story about it. It's in the Plaza de San Jose on Story and King with Target. I'll be passing through tomorrow and will try to stop by if I have time.

      Funny that this came up now. Just met someone on Saturday who's from Santa Ana and I talked with him about how much I liked the one near his parents' home. He's gonna be excited when I tell him one's coming to Oakland. I loved the agua fresca bar, and I still remember the juicy strawberry tamales very well.

      My old post on the Santa Ana location -

      P.S. The tres leches cakes wasn't very good. Doesn't come close to Karina's in Petaluma.

      1. Gallo Giro is decent... like my views of Sanborn's it provides a good baseline for Mexican cuisine. Nothing too chowish, but they do bring benefits. L.A. neighborhoods with Gallo Giro's tend to experience elevated offerings thereafter. (I am particularly thinking about how their initial dominance in Huntington Park... forced many of the Tex-Mex places owned by 4th & 5th generation Mexicans to sell / lease their places to recent immigrants... before you knew there were little regional & specialized places popping up.