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Aug 23, 2006 05:20 PM

The Counter - what is better than deep-fried pickles with apricot sauce?

The Counter, a newish California chain has deep-fried pickles on the menu which seems to come with a sauce.

Someone on the SF board had an order of DFP with apricot sauce. I'm not really clear if that is the default dipping sauce with the pickles or there is a choice of one of their 16 sauces.

The poster said the apricot sauce was weird and asked for another. Sounded wrong to me too.

However, I finally want to try a deep-fried pickle. Which sauce would you recommend with it?

Right now I'm leaning toward either peanut or roasted garlic aioli.

Also, do deep fried pickles usually come with sauce at other places?

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  1. I've never had a deep fried pickle before, but I would think that a dill pickle would go well with roasted garlic aioli. I can't see the combo of pickle and peanut working well, but I know people who eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches so I could be wrong.

    1. Most places I've had fried pickles (and I get them every chance I get) they come with a garlic-mayo type dip.

      If the pickles are good, you don't need the dip.

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        Have you had them thinly sliced, like hamburger pickles, or as chunky pickle "spears"?


        1. re: TexasToast

          I have had both pickle "chips", spears, and chunks. I think I prefer the spears or the chips (because chunks are still way too hot to eat) although it really depends on the quality of the pickle.

          1. re: LoDega

            I prefer spears as well; they're like deep-fried potato wedges and the coating sticks better too! I usually just ask for ranch as I think it goes best, but then I've never had them with apricot sauce.


      2. I agree - a garlicy ranch type sauce is what you're going to want. And the thinner the pickles, the better! YUM!

        1. this report is very funny, his friend ordered all the topping (54) on his burger and he attempts to eat it all in 30 min.:

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            I'm from Ohio and have been posting about deep-fried pickles elsewhere--trying to find them around DC because I love them so much. A good deep-fried pickle requires no sauce BUT a ranch-type dip is best. I even love ketchup on them.

            1. re: navygirl7

              you're in luck! You can find deep fried pickles in the DC area at the Del Merie Grille in Alexandria. It's in the Calvert Shopping Center on the edge of the Del Ray neighborhood. This is a great little neighborhood restaurant that lists "frickles" as an appetizer. Their version are very thin slices of dill pickles in a fantasticly light beer batter fried crisp and served with a zippy garlic remoulade sauce. Check them out on line at

              1. re: navygirl7

                Silver Spring Mining Company has fried pickles on the menu also. I like them but have never had them anywhere else to compare.

                1. re: navygirl7

                  Ugh, me too. None in NYC--or at least none that I know of. The pickles here stink, anyway--all of the half sours and kosher dills are not my thing.

                2. re: hhc

                  I missed whether or not he actually liked what he was eating!

                3. The Fried Pickles do indeed come with and ONLY with the Apricot Chutney. It's actually really good because it plays wonderful with the savory of the the fried shell, the sour of the pickle. The fried pickles and the Apple Pie Milkshake are pretty much the only reason to go the counter. Their burgers are bleh...