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Aug 23, 2006 05:13 PM

tapas for vegetarians?

I've never been to Torito, but am considering going with a group of friends for a birthday type celebration. One of my friends is a vegetarian, and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me whether it would be worth her while to go. In general, I've found tapas to not be very vegetarian friendly, since so many dishes are meat or seafood based.

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  1. You might want to try Relish (Woodbine/Danforth). It's not traditional Spanish tapas, but they split their menu up into cold apps, hot veggie dishes, meat and seafood. I'm not a big meat-eater, and I always find lots of stuff to try there from the apps and warm veg. sections.
    Haven't been to Torito, so can't comment there.

    1. I found Utopia on College to have very good Vegetarian tapas. Could be worth a shot!!

      1. Torrito isn't very vegetarian friendly!

        Besides that it is aweful! Hugely over priced for food that was decent but certainly not worthy of the praise the place has gotten.

        I found the dishes small for the price...I realize they are tapas and meant to be small but that doesn't that then suggest the price should be appropriately sized?

        Don't get me wrong..I am more than willing to pay for quality but that is not what you pay for in this place.

        I have had much much better tapas in other restaurants.

        Try Embruja Flamenco on Danforth..check out their menu for veggie items. Either way I would skip Torrito.


        1. I think a vegetarian would find enough to eat at a tapas restaurant, esp if the vegetarian eats eggs and dairy... just order accordingly...Several standard tapas are vegetarian, such as tortilla, which is essentially an egg and potato frittata, the patatas bravas, a plate of Manchego, and various vegetable preparations. Most Spanish restaurants would also be serving gazpacho this time of year, which is also vegetarian.

          I've attached a link that has a picture of Torito's menu (mind you, it's from Jan, so it might have changed)...

          Another option would to do the small plates route, at a restaurant such as Mezzetta, serving Middle Eastern small plates which would include more vegetarian options, or at Kokkino or Mezes on the Danforth, that serve mezedes(Greek small plates), which also include more vegetarian options like gigantes, etc.

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            Was at Mezzetta last night - absolutely stuffed myself! They have a huge selection of vegetarian dishes - they way outweigh the number of meat and fish - and are incredibly affordable. For two of us sharing 10 dishes with a couple of beers, it was $49 including a $7 tip! Very satisfying. AND they're cheaper on Mondays and Tuesdays.

          2. Embrujo (sp?!) on Broadview (south side, beside Red Violin)) just east of Broadview had a lot of veggie tapas.. Went last night and they had Flamenco dancers busing a move! The sangria almost put me down for the count.

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              I think that is on Danforth just east of the bridge.