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Aug 23, 2006 05:08 PM

Lobster Rolls in Queens

The Glendale Stop and Shop (or Forest Hills) on Union Turnpike sells a lobster roll from the deli counter that's just $4.99. The lobster salad is just lobster meat and mayo, with lobster meat in big chunks, not chopped up.

They sell the lobster salad for $20 to $25 a pound, but none of the counter personnel weigh out the lobster salad before they fill the roll. They just fill up the hot dog roll until it looks right.

I think I'm usually getting about a half-pound of lobster. This is a helluva meal.

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  1. Big Guy,
    How does it taste??
    Sounds too good to be true.

    1. It tastes very good. In four visits, I've had six lobster rolls. Twice I ordered a sandwich to eat while I shopped, and then went back to get a second sandwich after I finished the first.

      The counter help really appreciate people ordering the sandwich because then they can justify tasting the lobster salad, just to make sure its "alright". Hmmm. Sometimes they don't have the hot dog rolls right there so they ask you to wait for a few minutes. It's worth the wait.

      1. Sounds better than the 24 bucks we sometimes pay ( When I don't go to the Korean supermarket on Northern Blvd. in Flushing, pay 6.99LB for 1-1/4lb size lobsters and make my own) for one at the Mermaid Inn on 2nd Ave. in NYC.
        Thanks for the heads-up!!

        1. wow thanks for the tip--better get there before the management realizes how much they are losing on that sandwich...

          1. I tried the lobster roll the other weekend and it certainly is a bargain. It had nice big chunks of lobster (I think mine included something like 3 full claw pieces, no joke). The only thing I wasn't crazy about - and it might have been just that day's version - was it had a little more mayo on it than I usually like.