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Favorite sandwiches to go?

I know portions of this may have been covered in assorted threads but I'm always looking for new ideas. Here's the deal: I live in Boston, work in Dorchester, and on those days when I don't bring my lunch, I'm ready go out and bring something in. That being said, some of my standbys include:
Real Taco --Columbia Rd in Dorchester
Lamberts --Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester
I've been to Speeds too, Flour in the South End, have even been known to "slum it" with the occasional sub at D'Angelo's (I like their turkey) and have even traveled into the North End for a good chicken parm...
Does anyone else want to share some of their favorite sandwich spots, in Boston-proper? I think Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline are all just a bit too much of a trek..and ideally it'd be somewhere I could drive and maybe even park for a minute or two, without getting a $40 ticket slapped on my car (why Chacacero isn't such a great option.)

This will probably be too late for today's lunch (it's after 1) but never fear, there are lots more lunches to be had. :)

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  1. I know I'm a broken record, but my favorite banh mi in the city are from Ba Le Bakery on Dot Ave, down toward Columbia Rd, and if I worked in Dot, I'd be getting a lot more roti from Singh's on Columbia Rd.

    1. http://www.rachelskitchenboston.com/l...

      The hot pastrami and the deluxe grilled cheese are delicious. I would like to try the hot buttered lobster roll someday but it's only available on Fridays and apparently sells out quickly.

      1. The roast lamb with egglant sandwich from Artu (on Charles Street) and the Torta al Pastor from Tacos Lupita (not convenient for you) are two of my favorite sandwiches in the city.

        1. It's in the other direction from Dorchester, but Java Jo's in East Milton offers large, fresh, moderately creative roll-up sandwiches.

          There is usually parking available on the street or at the bank across the street (not strictly legal, but for 10 minutes, doable and ticket-free).

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            Shhhh, don't tell anyone about Java Jo's. It's the ideal place to go around noon Sunday with Boston Globe in hand, or perhaps a chess set. Great sandwiches there, and excellent teas and pastries.

          2. the turkey gobler at lamberts may be one of the best sandwiches in boston.

            also, if you are willing to cross the neponset bridge in north quincy, this little place called saigon cafe has the best bahn mi. each sandwich is $2.50. i usually get two. . .

            1. My fav Italian sub is from The Fresh Cheese Shop in the North End. They use their great cheeses, salamis, etc. to create customized masterpieces.

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                Hope you weren't shopping there the other night..:


                Sam Lagrass's Pastrami is worth risking a ticket for.

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                  You'd have to be a fool to rob that particular shop. :)

              2. appleton cafe in the south end had wonderful sandwiches

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                  Appleton has a great meatloaf sandwich on thursdays. I'll also add another vote the the cuban sandwich at Volle Nolle.

                2. Thanks all for the suggestions, i've got some great new ideas.

                  Dax, I've also been meaning to try that hot buttered lobster roll at Rachel's, thanks for the reminder.

                  1. Panificio the Roma sandwich is out of this world. Foccacia bread with a lemon pepper mayo and Roma tomatos with griled chicken. Love it really great

                    1. Volle Nolle on Hanover in the North End.

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                        Second Volle Nolle, tho haven't been in a while and I'm not sure what they still have - but would recommend the smoked salmon with spinach and lemon-caper mayo, and the messy but delicious Cuban. And another favorite in the North End is Artu. My three faves which I rotate are the roast lamb, the roast pork, and the Stuzzicante (provolone, salami, and coppa) -all with that spicy marinated eggplant. I also really like the gyro at Mediteraneo in Downtown Crossing (just a take-out window). And I should add that Rachel's Kitchen is a place I haven't been to yet, but always comes up on Chowhound recs for great sandwiches. I'm very intrigued by their new venture - Kitchen Table.

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                          Volle Nolle has 2 new sandwiches:

                          heirloom tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil and balsamic (great!)
                          chicken pesto (haven't tried)

                          The other sandwiches are still on the menu AFAIK.

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                            Kitchen's Table with Rachel and Alon? What's this about?

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                                Cool, thanks. I hope they do well there - that spot seems a bit cursed.

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                              I am no longer an Artu roast lamb and eggplant virgin. I was deflowered last night. Great sandwich--loved the spicy marinated eggplant. The bread could be a little better, but that will not stop me from ordering it multiple times again.

                              I also have been to Volle Nolle, but only had one sandwich. Can't remember which one, but I do recall it was excellent. I think I'm going to try to swing by there tomorrow morning for breakfast.

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                                As for that Artu lamb and eggplant sandwich, you'll *always* remember your first time!

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                                  Can you get that sandwich sans eggplant?

                          2. Go to City Feed in Jamaica Plain. Great, creative sandwiches with natural ingredients. They're huge, too. My favorite is the Farmer's Lunch.
                            Boomer Chronicles

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                              Ah yes, City Feed is definitely on my list. I've been in there a bunch of times and the sandwiches sounded great, glad to know they actually taste great too.

                              1. Lambert's in Dorchester. DiBella's on Newport Ave. in Quincy-- esp. the steak bomb and the cheeseburger club. And DiBlasi's on Broadway in Everett-- great tuna salad.