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Aug 23, 2006 04:55 PM

Birthday Dinner Tomorrow Night... Babies involved

I'm looking for a moderately priced (under $25 a person) place for a birthday dinner tomorrow night.

5 adults... one infant who will likely sleep through the meal, but that's not a guarantee. However, he's not yet of high chair age.

Would like to stay in and around the following areas: Hollywood, MidWilshire, Koreatown, BH, WeHo, Culver City...

Open to most any cuisine.


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  1. If you like Korean style sushi, Odaesan might be a good choice in Koreatown. They have private rooms upstairs, which are great when eating out with kids. You don't have to worry about them making too much noise. It's best to call ahead to reserve a room.

    1. Infants that sleep through meals are much easier than toddlers in high chairs! I wouldn't worry about the child. However, if that is a big factor in the planning Chameau might be a good choice. It isn't busy earlier in the evening and it has big booths. Traktir in West Hollywood? Ammo? Houston's at the CC mall also has big booths and is really very accomodating to people with children. All of them are fairly noisy....