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Aug 23, 2006 04:52 PM


has anyone been?

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  1. I went the second week it opened. I thought the sushi was fantastic- some of the best I've had in the city. The hot dishes were a little disappointing thought for the price. I thought the short rib ravioli had no flavor and the crab cakes were too rich. Although "the rock" was amazing! The cocktails were also very good especially the pear martini.

    1. I'm surprised that the post above said the sushi was fantastic. It was some of the most unauthentic sushi I've ever heard. To me, Japonais is the upscale Ruby Foo's. The service is also quite horrendous. I know of at least 4 groups of ppl who got multiple items comped for terrible service.

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        Solid food, lousy service, we won't be going back. Too many good places to eat to spend that kind of dough for that service.

      2. i agree, the service was horrible. but the food was pretty good. nothing very different or new, but still solid.

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          The food is interesting but as Calypso, Ftrain, and Haa mentioned, atrocious service. I wish these types of places offered a "service sucks, pay nothing" rule.