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Aug 23, 2006 04:16 PM

Yes, another downtown sushi question

I know there have been postings but I'd like the most recent reviews on downtown sushi places. We didn't like Jewel Bako, used to go to Blue Ribbon, like Mizo on E. 20th, are okay with Japonica but need some new places that are reasonably comfortable, don't require waiting on long lines and are highly recommended. Anything below 14th St. is great. Thanks.

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  1. had a delicious meal last night at ushi wakamaru. west houston and laguardia place (maybe?)

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      Was there last night as well and throughly enjoyed it. What time were you there?

      136 W. Houston St., New York, NY 10012
      between MacDougal and Sullivan Sts.

      Omakase is the way to go...


    2. I like Mottsu (on Mott just below Houston)-- it has good food and, best of all, is very low-key.


      1. Try Hasaki E 9th/3rd. The specials are always good, vegetables, cooked dishes and sushi/sashimi, best bet is just order everything from the specials menu. The standard sushi/sashimi combos are not so great so I don't order that anymore. Sort of a two-tier place: chef's selection sashimi will be served with fresh wasabi while regular sashimi combo is served with the powdered crap. From the regular menu, I like chawan mushi, kinuta hamachi (hamachi and shrimp rolled in cucumber), and the beef negamaki if you're into that.

        1. I'm in love with Bond Street - sushi plus fabulous Japanese treats throughout the menu. I don't think any place in town has better sushi offerings. Kind of old school chic but the dining room upstairs is very comfortable and subdued.

          1. My favorite sushi restaurant is Kanoyama on 2nd ave and 11th. Very good quality, resonable, and the sweetest staff.