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Aug 23, 2006 04:01 PM

[Austin] old Starlite location?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the old location of Starlite was going to become a pizza place or something. Is this right? Is it open now? Anyone have any details?

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  1. Hmmm...good timing from today's Austin Chronicle Food-o-File:

    The owners of Salvation Pizza (624 W. 34th, 535-0076) are still waiting for their beer-and-wine license, so it's BYOB for now when you stop by to enjoy their pizza

    So, has anyone been?? I'm meeting some friends for lunch today, and we were planning on hitting Milto's, but I'm wondering if we should give Salvation Pizza a try instead.

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      In case anyone wants closure on the lunch comment, we decided to try Salvation Pizza...but it turns out they are not open for lunch. So we scooted over to Milto's. I had a small greek salad and a slice of pizza. The salad was pretty good, and the slices were okay, not outstanding. Definitely worth a second try though.

      1. re: nacho

        Thanks for the reporting, nacho.

        I hope you'll post again about anything delicious you find on your second try of Milto's. And on Salvation Pizza, too, if you check it out. This board needs your original reports on where to find the really good chow--and how to avoid the bad and mediocre.