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Aug 23, 2006 03:57 PM

Are there any good beer specialty stores on the UWS

I'm sick of the same old beers and I don't know of any really good stocked stores so was hoping someone could offer some suggestions above 80th street. thanks!

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  1. while it is not a specialty beer shop by any means, I find the selection of beers at Broadway farm on broadway between 85 and 86 to be pretty good. Nothing is kept cold, though- its all on the shelf.

    1. cold not a problem and ill definitely check it out. thanks.

      1. Fairway has a surprisingly nice variety of beers.

        1. The Pioneer Supermarket on Columbus in the mid 70s (74th? 75th? I'm not positive, but somewhere around there) has a surprisingly large beer selection too, including things I've never seen anywhere else. They are also on the shelf and not cold.

          1. Barzini's on Broadway & 91st. They have a lot of craft and Belgians beers as well as a decent selection of cold brews. Make sure you check the prices carefully before you buy though; I've been several times where I've had to put things back because the prices were so out of line. That being said, you can also find some real bargains too.

            The previously mentioned Pioneer has the most extensive selection, 74th & Columbus. Their beer can be very old though, which means nothing unless it hasn't been stored properly, which may or may not be the case.